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General: Community Spotlight: What's in a Game?

StraddenStradden Managing EditorMember CommonPosts: 6,696

Community Manager Laura Genender uses her Community Spotlight this week to talk about the different ways in which people can enjoy MMORPGs, and the ways in which some games are better suited to some play styles than others.

This week on the forums I read a thread started by long-time community member forest-nl. Entitled “how the MMO community ruin [their] own MMOs,” the thread dealt with the controversial topic of RMT and in-game exploits. Forest-nl expressed his frustration with in-game gold buyers and exploiters – why would players cheat a game instead of playing it honestly? “Are there still true gamers out there that wane accomplish things 100% for themselves without cheating or is it a dying breed?” Forest-nl asks in closing.

In my opinion, to understand any argument, one must first attempt to look through the eyes of the opposition. After all, games can be played with different mindsets – one player might enjoy leveling, while another enjoys PvP, or raiding, or exploring, or griefing. It’s the same for any game and not just MMOs: some of us might play basketball for fun, while others might play it professionally. In the real world, though, we have a natural segregation of gaming communities due to location, ability, and goals. Someone who casually enjoys shooting hoops for fun is never going to find themselves on the same court as Michael Jordan.

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Jon Wood
Managing Editor


  • caspar21caspar21 Member UncommonPosts: 2

    Good article...

    Maybe the next one should be about the dying breed of correct spelling and english in the online world?


  • GodofslaughtGodofslaught Member Posts: 3

    Cheating, truly cheating, should be hard to come by in MMO gaming.  Any "cheats" or exploits should and generally are found out by the dev team and a stop put to them, usually to the dismay of their users.  I think you have to be careful what you label as cheating or against the rules.  Many "exploits" are just mechanics twisted to an evil purpose.  Not against the rules, in fact totally within.  I think however too many people think too many things are unfair.  They are right.  It's not supposed to be fair.  The odds are against you.

    The fact is, until the developer of the game removes any exploit or cheat, or deems it a bannable offense or whatever, it is part of the game, for good or ill.   Until then, know thine enemy, find a  way  around the problem if  possible. 

    Griefing, PKing, whatever you call it, is part of any mmo that allows it.  To call that in violation of the spirit of the game is just plain silly.  Whether or not you like it, deal with it. 

    Now, about buying of in-game currency with real world money:  What the heck are you people thinking?  Do you have too much money?  And after you spend REAL money on virtual money, and have defeated the purpose of playing the game, what are you still playing the game for?  See griefing above, I guess. =)

    Me though, I prefer to play the game as it was designed, take all the elements in kind, whether I like them or not, I may prefer grinding and exploration for example, but I don't knock the guys that think they can kill me just because I am leveling.  It's part of the game. 




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