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Observations from a 5day user of trial

steven413steven413 Member UncommonPosts: 20

Just thought I'd give my .02 on LOTRO:


1. I'm not a hardcore MMO player - don't have the time

2. I've played DAoC for about 8 6 months and I played WoW for about 5 months and FFXI very briefly on teh PC when it first came out - that is my previous experience.

I think overall the game plays well on my iMac using Vista.  It has logged itself out 3-4 times - not sure why.

I think the world looks pretty good but it doesn't seem to be graphically blowing me away.  The overall operational feel for me is very similar to WoW with the obvious difference of the "toon" world of WoW exchanged for Middle Earth.  FFXI seemed to me (and maybe still is???) teh most realistic environments, i.e. least "toony".  I'm a lvl 7 minstral and I just started crafting things so I can see how that can be mildly entertaining.  Maybe I'm not a MMO guy at heart but I'm starting to get bored already and have found myself going back to Oblivion on Xbox when I want to get lost in a fantasy world.  Based on my experience, I'd give it a 7 out 10 and tell people to definitely download the trial.


  • 8hammer88hammer8 Member Posts: 1,812

    Just a note...

    It is probably logging you off because you have gone AFK for an extended length of time.  I was surprized when I found this happened to me the first time and I razed my wife about logging me out.  Then I was just watching a show on TV while afk on lotro...and I saw it kick me.

    "It is easier to be cruel than wise. The road to wisdom is long and difficult... so most people just turn out to be assholes" Feng (Christopher Walken)

  • a_namea_name Member Posts: 249

    Yes, that's probably what happened. I have left my games running when I go cook or feed my pets, surf the net and take a little too long then yes, it logs you off. Once I actually caught it - it popped up a message saying something like you will be logged off due to inactivity - to cancel press no and I stopped it. The timer is short, just seconds so you likely miss it, it doesn't overtake any other window you are in and popup in your face, it stays in it's screen.

    Nothing can be as bad as runescape - they will dc you after about 1 min of inactivity. You literally have to run to the restroom playing that if you plan on washing your hands like you should.


  • CzzarreCzzarre Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 3,742

    I believe a score of 7/10 is about right. However, when you consider the other options ..thats a decent score. I too have played both DAOC and WoW (2 of the best MMORPGS). those are high standards for a game to compare to. If you want to see some bad games, download a couple of F2P games. I doubt you will last even 5 days (I know I didnt). After that, you may find newfound respect for LOTRO


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