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Lunia amazing in every way!

I came acrossed this game one day while I was just looking for something to do...I like alot of people can get bored with games easily...having tried almost every game on this list I decided to give this a try because I'm a fan of arcade like graphics. What I found was a game that is different but in a way that makes you want to play even more! Lunia is a game that has all kinds of things to offer it's not your tyipcal mmorpg it's one that I think is the start of many more actionrpg's to come this game offers a different kind of twist that most mmo's just don't offer I recommend this game to EVERYONE give it a shot IT'S AMAZING!!!


  • Suki.ChanSuki.Chan Member Posts: 30

    You've gotta be kidding.

    I'll summarize my point first: very good concept and fun gameplay BUT horrible company, frequent bugs, and totally disappointing "policies".

    I played it a few months ago and liked it because of the fun element that is has, and lacks in almost every other MMORPG. I quit after the major bug/upgrade/whatever that caused almost all players to lose half or all of their inventory. A few days ago, I decided to give Lunia another chance and see if anything's changed or if there was any compensation, but very disappointingly, I found the game totally unchanged, still with the frequent log-in errors, none of the lost items during the that infamous "upgrade" restored, no compensation for them whatsoever, and even the promotional necklace a few months ago is taken back ("expired"). Great job at ruining the game and totally taking away the incentive to play this game people, and losing many potential gamers in my area =P


  • donald0551donald0551 Member Posts: 37

    I'll be it there is a few things that lunia could do better but it's really what I would consider one of the first action online mmorpgs out there...sure there are a few bugs but what game doesn't have them? As for ur items loss and stuff I didn't have any of that happen to me. I still think lunia is a great game it's different that's the key point.

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