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WurmOnline releases maps

paulscottpaulscott Member Posts: 5,613

WurmOnline is a sandbox game that has every item crafted by players(except for a few), townbuilding(don't even need to be in a town to build a house, just build it anywhere), full world control terraforming and tunneling(mines), and when you first get into game it's very much so a game of survival.

you can get both maps from a torrent each being about 17 MB, or browse the forums on their website for a few people who hosted it(not right to link to other people's bandwidth),  there is also a labled map of the homeserver found on the wiki HERE.  You'll notice quite a few roads and towns, even a large city around the starting area,  even at this stage in the server there are plenty of areas that only a handfull of people have walked on.

If you're looking for a different game that doesn't focus on combat(even on the PvP/wild server you'll have people who have picked up a sword a few times), is a sand box even to the literal extent for some people, and is of course skill based(even though combat isn't the focus having only handful of major skills and a dozen minor).  Due to being a smaller game we the community is extremely good, nowhere to hide from your actions(this is among the player base, not the middle of nowhere).

and to just get some more interest I'll describe the server I play on.  the wild server is a RvR system that has town raiding if you have the time you could go so far as to flatten an entire ground and mess up the ground works killing several hundred manhours of building(this has only happened a couple times in Wurms 7 year history), all death involves skill loss(even homeserver, though you gain skills back 3 times faster), and you're able to fully loot corpses of people.   The wild still has the there are plenty of areas people haven't walked on, but you get the added bonus of thinking about walking there as well.


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