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Ultima X: Odyssey: Game Cancelled



  • StarkillerStarkiller Member Posts: 50

    don't wanne get offtopic here, but is UO really worth that much canceling?

    just my 2 cents

    just my 2 cents

  • SlothmanSlothman Member Posts: 20

    The irony is the press release is almost the exact same as the one for when UO2 was cancelled. If EA really meant what they said UOX would never have been developed.

    That said, UOX was not exactly big time. It had a small loyal fanbase, but most people were just indifferent. And apathy is a disease in marketing.

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  • neschrianeschria Member UncommonPosts: 1,406

    Thow my $0.02 in with the "That Stinks!" pile.

    But I have to admit that I was kind of suspecting this would happen since the big shake-up and then no news for all this time.

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  • JackdogJackdog Member UncommonPosts: 6,321
    disappointed but not surprised

    I miss DAoC

  • Warmage38Warmage38 Member Posts: 21

    It's been in the works for awhile.   The last update to the UXO site was in March. That was about the same time that they cancelled EnB. 


    EA hasn't a clue on how to run MMO's. The only reason UO is still around is because it was one of the first big name MMO's and does have a somewhat large loyal fan base.


    I am definitly staying away from EA run MMO's


    Doug Murray

  • LunitariLunitari Member Posts: 32

    I could swear they cut and paste portions of their statement from UO2 into this one...

    We've decided that in order to focus more resources on upcoming Ultima Online projects, we will permanently suspend the development of <insert game here>.

    Members of the UXO development team will be moved to other Ultima Online projects. 

    Both of these sound very familiar.  Hell, I should try to dig up a copy of the old message from another ancient site and post it.

    EA, and Origin, you people are ***holes, **** UO, you are wrecking the Ultima franchise.  The Avatar was a good concept, but I think Richard Garriot is probably just laughing it up right now at how you people are ****ing yourselves.  Anniversery edition my ass, you freaking lamers man...

    The avatar had eight virtues.  Compassion, Justice, Sacrifice, Honesty, Humility, Valor, Spirituality, Honor.  EA and Origin have done none of these.  They are discompassionate, dishonorable, flamboyant, dishonest, not to mention other things.  The eight virtues of origin and EA:

    Greed, arrogance, ignorance, stupidity, sloth, gluttony, immorality, dishonor. 

    EA has shown a repeated and consistent disregard for its customers, treating them like meat and displaying incredibally arrogant behavior, thinking it can abuse its customers and MMORPG players worldwide.  Man, I'm lucky I'm no longer subscribed to any MMORPG's that either Origin or EA has made.  Ultima has been a great series, but came under poor management right after Richard Garriot left.  Awesome series, up until this point.  Thanks EA/Origin, you killed it. 

    You know what, the best MMORPG's nowadays sure as hell don't come from EA.    




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    Bartle's test results

    Explorer 73%
    Achiever 60%
    Socializer 46%
    Killer 20%

  • ThriftThrift Member Posts: 1,783
    Its really sad to see any game get cancelled not matter how bad or good it was. I think it really hurts the fans and the people that spent there nights working over it.

  • sakersaker Member UncommonPosts: 1,286
    I was pretty much expecting this, they'd been suspiciously quiet for some time. I've basically deeply hated them since they murdered UO2 in the cradle, so this wasn't big for me, as far as betting on whats next? Hmmm.... Dragon Empires, or Wish I would think, I think Dark and Light will go the distance, just a feeling.

  • RJCoxRJCox Member Posts: 2,686

    I'm beginning to wonder if perhaps EA is in some kind of serious financial trouble? UO2, E&B, UXO, what next? If EA goes down the tubes, what happens to UO? Scarey Scarey.

    Don't forget MCO, this makes the 4th failed mmorpg venture for EA, tho I wouldn't worry too much about them being in financial trouble, I'm sure the Madden series alone keeps them well off not counting the rest of their sports games, it seems to be about the only thing they're doing right anymore.


    Richard J. Cox
    "There were much of the beautiful, much of the wanton, much of the bizarre, something of the terrible, and not a little of that which might have excited disgust."

  • Blitz_StormBlitz_Storm Member UncommonPosts: 47

    There is something seriously wrong with EA games. They cancel Motor City online, then Earth & Beyond and now they've given up on UXO. Plus they keep laying off staff and closing studios. I don't think they'll be around much longer.

    For any of you who are upset at EA, over at www.ebportal.com we've been tracking a Forbes CEO poll since for EA CEO Larry Probst since March when EA announced the shutdown of EnB. Here's a link to the poll

    Forbes CEO poll

    Go Vote NO! on EA CEO Larry Probsts job approval rating. You'll feel alot better if you do.

    Remember EnB!

  • GoldenblackGoldenblack Member Posts: 38

    Originally posted by crzybrtndr

    Originally posted by Admin
    I played this game hands on at the unvieling in SanFran and I can assure you that is was smooth and polished.  It was truely an enjoyable game with an easy to use interface and highly interactive enviornments.

    - MMORPG.COM Staff -

    Too bad none of us will ever get the chance to find that out.  I swore that if EA ever cancelled another title after so much hype and fan support like they did UO2 that I would boycott them for life.  Well I plan on sticking to my vow.  If I see an EA tag anywhere on a game it's off my 'to get' list.  They don't give a crap about their customers, so I don't give a damn about them.  May their company crumble and may the CEOs get peed on by dogs every day for the rest of their lives.



  • DevilonDevilon Member Posts: 7

    This is the second cancelled game from the Ultima franchise. I will be happily ignoring any further statements from EA regarding the Ultima Franchise. You've burnt to many bridges, pissed off to many loyal Ultima fans, and now this fan is no longer one of the flock. Enjoy choking on a dying game and your bad decisions.



  • SirPeterSirPeter Member Posts: 33

    Originally posted by Blitz_Storm
    There is something seriously wrong with EA games. They cancel Motor City online, then Earth & Beyond and now they've given up on UXO. Plus they keep laying off staff and closing studios. I don't think they'll be around much longer.For any of you who are upset at EA, over at www.ebportal.com we've been tracking a Forbes CEO poll since for EA CEO Larry Probst since March when EA announced the shutdown of EnB. Here's a link to the poll Forbes CEO pollGo Vote NO! on EA CEO Larry Probsts job approval rating. You'll feel alot better if you do.Remember EnB!

    Do you think Lawrence F Probst is doing a good job as CEO of Electronic Arts?
    80 votes (6%)
    1254 votes (94%)

    1334 people have voted so far
    Your vote was No on 7/1/2004 1:42 am

    Looks like it helps ;)

    i gave up UP since Richard went away
    and many Oldschoolers followed me

  • ZoharZohar Member Posts: 673
       I'm deeply saddened by this news. I was looking forward to UXO more then any of the upcoming MMORPGs (although I admit, they all are very interesting). I suppose all of the UXO fans will have to move on to something else image.

    -=MMORPG.COM Staff=-
    E-mail: Zohar@mmorpg.com

    E-mail: Zohar@mmorpg.com

  • rodierrodier Member UncommonPosts: 38

    Hmm what about any IRC chat with EA about UXO ??
    Anybody - ask a EA why they dont make any good 3D datadisk for UO.
    I want 3d client for UO .. want UO look like Ragnarok without manga.
    simply fast, stable, good 3D from isometric view..

    Rodier, icq 10905813

    Rodier, icq 10905813

  • TreesongTreesong Member UncommonPosts: 15

    So, exactly how dumb are they at EA?  They are cancelling this project for the exact same reasons as they cancelled UO2 some years ago: to focus more on UO itself.  Talk about an ass hitting the same stone twice......

    I guess they just love to have unfinished next-gen UO projects lying on a shelf somewhere.



  • RipclawRipclaw Member UncommonPosts: 190

    Damn, that sucks, again. ::::07:: Yet another great looking MMORPG falls because of the ol', "we want to do somthing else insted", rap. Whats that, 3 games in a row now? ::::30:: ::::16:: Another one falls to make way for WoW, Muhahahahaha!!!::::23::

  • ben_71ben_71 Member Posts: 9

    It really doesn't matter to me either way if UX:O got made, as soon as I found out it wasn't going to be UO2 ressurected I gave EA the finger  image  for being mentally retarded image.  So now they've made two half baked Online Ultima projects, wasted all that money and slapped Ultima Fans in the face twice by getting us all excited and then trashing the game and leaving us hanging.  I think they need to get rid of their bi-polar suites that are killing this great franchise.  Doesn't it figure also that they give us something else to hope for that probably years down the road as they say "an Unannounced Ultima Online project".  Does this mean they will make UO2?  Is it just going to be another lame expansion to a once amazing game thats now helplessly dying of old age?  Will they try and make UO into full 3D like current MMOG's without calling it a sequel?  Who knows, but at this point I could care less because I have lost all faith in the Ultima Branch of EA with their 3 Bomb Shells in a row.  Ultima IX: Ascension, Ultima Online 2 and now Ultima X:Odyssey...

    The key to a great MMOG is Freedom

    The key to a great MMOG is Freedom

  • ValorusValorus Member Posts: 235

    Ever since EA took over, the whole Ultima series transformed from a classic to a corporate product. I personally am very disappointed in this as I was hoping to get back into the Ultima universe and Ultima X was looking to be very cool. I sometimes marvel to myself that such an outdated game as Ultima Online can still have a following like it does, or so I hear. I've not played it for many years.

    I'm personally going to make a point NOT to buy anything with the EA label on it anymore. They may own the franchise, but they won't own my dollar. I have a saying: Burn me once, shame on you. Burn me twice, shame on me.

    So long EA. Hope to see you in bankruptcy court real soon.

  • LordVanidorLordVanidor Member Posts: 70

    UO still has a following because it kind of is Classic Gameplay. There arent many great 2d MMORPG in the world today. Heck I'm looking to play a 2d MMORPG if they would use some other engine other than the crap UO engine. Want I want in a 2d MMORPG is the UO level of content, but with Diablo 2 quality animations, high resolution modes, no lag, and no obvious loading of border tiles while running. UO will never offer any of these things, so they need to stop releasing expansion packs for it. Alot of the time the Classic UO pre-Renaissance is more fun than the current game, and you can have that experience for free by playing on independant fan hosted servers.

  • AlistairAlistair Member UncommonPosts: 318

    I can honestly say that this was one of THE games I was looking forward to. I was looking more at this game than WoW or EQ2. AND it was almost done...before EA disbanded Origin the dev team said themselves it was almost ready for beta and was highly polished as it was.

    ::::27:: to EA, those stupid bastards. They really need to get out of the MMORPG business, they ruin every game they touch.

    Damn them.

    AHH! Run away from the monster! He's going to eat us!


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  • Red_RiderRed_Rider Member Posts: 261

      No surprise but a sad moment in MMORPG history.   UO was fun but it is so out of date I cannot play anymore.  I need server wide chat, ooc and other forms of communications, plus decent graphics.  At least if they announced ther were redoing UO to bring to 2004 standards....

      With Blizzard doing the most profound beta test I have ever saw, and EQ2 being EQ, I guess they knew they couldn't dump a piece of garbage out and expect people to play.  MMORPG's are expensive and tough to do right and EA has always tried to do them cheap.

  • TheMagickDollTheMagickDoll Member Posts: 29

    I was seriously looking forward to this game and how it would come out. Heard nothing but good things and some of the features I read about it interested me. Took me by surprise it was cancelled, though with all the signs everyone pointed out, I perhaps should have expected it.

    Hopefully someday, I will find that MMORPG I have always been looking for.

  • AzzazzimonAzzazzimon Member UncommonPosts: 211
    Sad news, but expected since we havn't heared much news about it lately...



  • HammerhandHammerhand Member Posts: 28

    I agree with the majority of the people on here it appears. In fact I was just discussing this with my dad the other day. We even talked about how EA is a joke needs to pull their heads out. What I can't figure out is how they can possibly think they are going to get much more out of the oldest MMORPG. I believe they were fooled by the numbers after all the hype of UO2. When the announcement of the game came out everyone flocked back to the original in anticipation of the next game and then when they canceled, every got pissed and quit. Then the numbers dropped like a rock and they were wondering what happened. They really can't be this stupid can they?

    Well I have lost what little faith I had in EA. They used to be my favorite but have steadily dissapointed me in the last couple year. Sounds like they got a few roten apples to get rid of to me. Until then I can't see myself paying attention to anything they produce, let alone have any confidence in them.

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