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WoW beta on Ebay

This is crazy..

There are 60+ WoW beta account being sold in E-bay...i saw one of the bid as high as US$200+



  • DraciusDracius Member Posts: 379

    That's nothing, they were going for $500 when I checked.


    And someone I know localy just sold theirs for $400.... AFTER having played it since phase 1.


    Who wants to pay $500 to play a game for 3 months? Rather... who wants to play a game for 3 months when they can be $500 richer.... Will be a hard decision to make should one end up in such a position.

    With every post I lose just a little bit more of my sanity.



    "With every post, I lose just a little bit more of my sanity." -Dracius

  • ThriftThrift Member Posts: 1,783

    I want WoW bad, but not that bad to buy it for $200++ !!!



  • cedoricedori Member Posts: 500

    This is really sad, and none own the rights to sell wow beta account.  What some will do to gain funds illegally.  Does no one respect NDA, or understand they have no rights to sell a game on ebay that doesn't belong to them?


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  • DjinDjin Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 3,263

    No one cares about anything... money talks.

    Look at what a Jedi goes for SWG... $1200+.  It's crazy... I seen someone selling a "I think this might work" account for $300... and people where bidding!


    What will he do next?
  • ramadinramadin Member Posts: 1,304

    I sold an EQ1 account for a thousand dollars, and it only had 1 character on it.  People will buy anything, its astounding.



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  • cchangxcchangx Member Posts: 3

    I'm sure blizzard is aware of this, but I'm wondering why they don't take action. It's a pity you can't really separate those that really want to play the game from those who just want to sell it for money :/

  • DaemonifugeDaemonifuge Member Posts: 8
    This might be irrelevant, but I remember this story, and how outrageous it was.  We all know the big hype over the new PS2 when it was just released.  A guy that bought the PS2 a day or two after it was released in stores, made an auction on e-bay titled "PS2 Box."  Now, there was this one guy, he bid $900.00 for it, and he won the auction.  When it was finally shipped to him, he opened it expecting the PS2 and everything, but, there was nothing inside.  He went back and talked to the guy on e-bay and tried getting his money back, to no avail.  He also tried filing a law suit against him, which also failed.  It was his fault that he wasted $900.00 on just the BOX for a PS2.  I just don't know how some people could even be willing to pay $900.00 for a console, it seems kind of rediculous to me.  Anyway, this selling of BETA accounts on e-bay just reminds me of this story, I don't know why.  It bugs me, too.  People that're trying to sell something that was given to them, it's just not right image
  • DarkersoulDarkersoul Member Posts: 1

    If i were rich, i would totally buy one. i dont think the people who buy these keys are as stupid as they are really really desperate and not that patient. which, hey, isnt such a flaw. unless they are also poor. then i think its ridiculous to waste money...

    WoW vs EQ2? Not even a contest. obviously the better game will be - *GAH!*

    WoW vs EQ2? Not even a contest. obviously the better game will be *stabbed in the face*

  • hell_fire_69hell_fire_69 Member Posts: 129

    I would pay 200 for the beta thats how much of a freak i am of warcraft but i gots no money for itimage. So hopefully i get picked for the extra slot. But i dunno yetimage.

    I NEED imageWoWimage

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  • DagorDagor Member Posts: 27

    Why pay $200 - $500  when you can buy the game for 50 or 60 when is comes out. Then have unlimited time. image

    Just take other things into conseration before just buying something like that.

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  • brat11223brat11223 Member Posts: 25
    Blizzard and everyone else should stop worring about the acount being sold. If people wanna buy the beta for 500+ dollars which will be useless in like 2 months(the most) then make them spend the money. image

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