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missing mmorpg

herculeshercules Member UncommonPosts: 4,923

2 weeks ago i took a new job .Before this I had a internet  linked computer i could surf on as much as i wanted and lived 10 mins walk from where i worked.

However this new job is not as friendly image.So i am limited to using my own home system only which i can only do on weekends due to the fact this new job is a whooping 250 miles from where i live.

I am leaving in mid august  so hopefully i can find something closer .I only took this job to boost my CV as i have a higher title here and that will show i have experience at that level when applying for another job.

I am in hell till mid august though and suffering bad withdrawals from not visiting the site everyday and worse i am away from my precious mmorpgimage

So if i don't post so often this is basically whats happening in a nutshell.If i was to type a full explaination it would take me a whooping 1 hour to type lol.

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