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You know what this looks like ALMOST exactly!



  • ramey28ramey28 Member Posts: 1

    ok well as for runescape its a great game dont care what any one says its lasted along time and it trys to stop gold farmers and botters doing it quite effectivly as for all the haters out ther i played this game for 3 years got 2 accounts to lvl 81 total lvl about 1200 and another one to 89 with a total lvl of about 1320 or so and offers alot of cool stuff like consturction one of the best skill ever just cost alot

  • BhazirBhazir Member Posts: 321

    Seems I found my answer in this topic if it was a full 3D cammera or not. With the fixed camera I'm not even going to download this thing.

    And for those comparing everything to WoW and why WoW is so succesfull compared to their previous: marketing. Look at Blizzards money they thrown into marketing (and still do). Other games marketing budgets are peanuts against it.

    "If all magic fails, rely on three feet of steel and a strong arm"


  • Sacre11Sacre11 Member Posts: 20

    Well... since some complain about decent graphic i tell u: there is MUCH worse graphics in this all story! For example: Deicide Online: WoW To camera (no look to sky) Runscape graphics (!) And not a **** quest when i stopped playing it... max lvl: 410 or something, only good thing, though it is a hardcore game! took me a week to lvl from 22 to 23, and whats left: 387 lvls! about one lifetime to lvl! If there were no bugs it could be a good game since party, guild and army... the first 2 works but army isnt working, making the game worse... anyway if it would it could have been a pretty good game... Oh and btw: downloading tijme on a very good and fast compute: about 1h (not very long since others are worse, patching time: about 18 or more h on a Vista! and on XP about 24h! god it takes power since it is 1 patch taking all the time except for 30 min, so if u close of when the last patrch is 99% finished, good luck, u gotta do it all again (the patching only i mean)! So try that out, and complain about that game instead.

  • Sacre11Sacre11 Member Posts: 20

    skip the WoW camera... i ment only TO

  • M1nas-z3uM1nas-z3u Member Posts: 23

    Well the content of the game is the succes.... not the number of accounts!


    I mean just look... only one player of runescape has 3-5 accounts!( 5 mil accounts).

    And probably like 10-40% of the accounts are inactive.

    As for Talisman... the graphics are quite similar to WoW. But as gameplay NOT.

    In Talisman the story is someonewhere in a fantasy island in Korea/China/Japan?*confused*

    While WoW story is a fantasy with different races two factions...(alliance and horde). Etc etc.


    And as for WoW... even tought its number one on Xfire for example. Probably only 40% of the xfire users that play WoW play it on the official server. The rest play on private servers.

    As for another MMORPG almost as faimous as WoW. Lineage 2. Almost 100% of the xfire users play it on the official server.

    Becouse xfire doesnt recognize L2 if you play it on private server.(If the server is with patch/update patch if its with host... then i dont know).

    But xfire recognize WoW even if you play it on private server.

    Sorry if i have been a little off-tpic.


  • cagri38cagri38 Member Posts: 17



    How can you even compare this game with WoW

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