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You know what this looks like ALMOST exactly!

SeekelmSeekelm Member Posts: 20

Do you know what this game looks like ALMOST exactly? Well let me tell you!

This game looks like World of Warcraft. I mean seriously go find a picture of the World of Warcraft UI(User Interface) and then come back on here and look at this. I mean comon how much closer could you get. Really the only way is by adding a couple more Action Bars. And then you have World of Warcraft ALL over again. 



  • HaexHaex Member Posts: 1

    Blizzard got the WoW interface from DAoC.

  • OrionStarOrionStar Member Posts: 378

    Wow, it does look like WoW.  The quest display and everything... even that bear in that screen shot.  I think this game wins the official "We ripped off WoW" title.

  • AzureProwerAzurePrower Member UncommonPosts: 1,550

    I thought the same thing when I first played. It's not even worth playing.

    It even forces Buddhism references directly onto you. (I know if some one had Christian references in an MMO, all hell would break loose).

    But it's basically another Asian rip off of WoW with a fix camera that doesn't even let you look up at the sky.

    I gave it 10 minutes before I left.

  • OrionStarOrionStar Member Posts: 378

    Nice 10 minutes, you made it further than me... I think I made it to like 3-4 minutes.

  • bzc98bzc98 Member Posts: 3

    One word Azure, Paladin.

  • docminusdocminus Member Posts: 717

    didn't even bother to check it out - you all right, visually it looks like, well, WoW. Never mind that WoW got its interface from whatever other game, this one here looks exactly like WoW.

    Speak of WoW  clone, lol.


  • Darkdeath70Darkdeath70 Member Posts: 1

    Just make the toolbar bigger an ruduce the lvl cap an yh, uv got WoW

  • warskullwarskull Member Posts: 19

    another bunch of retards judging a game over graphics. Good game

  • AntariousAntarious Member UncommonPosts: 2,827

    Originally posted by Haex

    Blizzard got the WoW interface from DAoC.
    Um LOL?

    I'm logged into DAoC atm and the interface doesn't look anything like the one in WoW..

    Even the "old" interface at launch wasn't even close.

    I mean seriously I don't subscribe to WoW and haven't in a long time.  I'm in thid BG killing albs on classic cluster.. but your reply did make me laugh.. thanks.

  • lingceapucklingceapuck Member UncommonPosts: 53

    i think assasin looks like Kratos from God Of War(the weapon style)

  • manofaikimanofaiki Member Posts: 3

    I agree, he does look like Kratos.


    And those of you complaining - why exactly is a game that's 'just like WoW' that you can play for FREE a bad thing? 


    I play WoW and love it and get tired of shelling out $15 a month sometimes. 


    How exactly does the fact there might be game out there very similar you can play for nothing a terrible thing?  

  • VrikaVrika Member LegendaryPosts: 7,524
    Originally posted by manofaiki

    And those of you complaining - why exactly is a game that's 'just like WoW' that you can play for FREE a bad thing? 
    I play WoW and love it and get tired of shelling out $15 a month sometimes. 
    How exactly does the fact there might be game out there very similar you can play for nothing a terrible thing?  

    Making a game exactly like another one kills the innovation and advancement.

    Games copy each other's features all the time, because it wouldn't make sence to reinvent everything every time a new game is made. But as long as each developer tries to do things diffirently than previous ones, or better than previous ones, the games advance and we'll keep getting better and better games.

    But when the only thing a developer does is copying other games, and aims to make a game exactly like previous ones, not any better, they can make their game cheap, because they aren't really developing or improving anything. And they reduce the profits of those game studios who are. They are killing innovation and advancement.

    But I haven't played Talisman Online long enough to know if the game really is just copying others in all aspects, or if it really tries to make something unique or something better. So I'm not blaming Talisman online of anything, this is just a reason why I think making an exact copy is bad and should be illegal (even in China).
  • manofaikimanofaiki Member Posts: 3

    Those are very good points, thank you for the response.


    I'm going to go ahead and install it and play it for awhile and then see just how close they have copied WoW. 

  • hectic1hectic1 Member Posts: 27

    stop saying that every mmo u find looks like wow,theres lots of annoying pple whit no experience saying stuff like this,this game interface is not like wow ,it is like silkroad,and you are one stupid mf

    the end

  • daffasdaffas Member Posts: 56

    If you really want to see a clone of ui.  try looking at lord of the rings online.  that one is really close to wow.

  • daffasdaffas Member Posts: 56

    Aw ok.  I have never played Asheron's Call 2.

  • soloassasinsoloassasin Member Posts: 8

    its all about the free

  • britzbanbritzban Member UncommonPosts: 260

    Almost all mmorpg's follow the same layout for the most part. They all have a compass, quickbar, etc.  Games before wow did this as well.  I am sick of everyone saying every game looks like World of Warcraft.

  • boognish75boognish75 Member UncommonPosts: 1,540

    looks like the standard mmo setup to me, even before world of warcraft.

    playing eq2 and two worlds

  • Sacre11Sacre11 Member Posts: 20

    When i started the game, i waas thinking about WoW, cause it felt somewhat like it.... I have only playn like 30 min wow on my friends computer, though i woulldnt say its too much alike what i've seen... Well, every1 can say their things, and this is what i say...


  • draguleadragulea Member Posts: 249

    It's a pretty decent MMO, I liked it more than some more popular asian competitors. Leveling is kind of slow, but since the current level cap is 60 I find it normal. Graphics are a little outdated maybe, but the game still looks cool enough and you have other things to do besides the usual grinding. My major drawbacks however were the (rather) small maps and the horrid view angle (I like it a lot way lower). All in all it's worth a try.

  • SeeksterSeekster Member Posts: 15

    Look people I know it looks kinda like WoW but thats a good thing. Ever since WoW's success became apparent everyone, their dog, their cat, their goldfish, and their hamster has been trying to be like World of Warcraft. If a free MMO does a decent job of being like WoW then thats a good thing.

  • CrnobogCrnobog Member Posts: 74

    Its a shame most of the MMORPG community started with WoW because there are sooo many games well before WoW but you all sound like its the first and greatest, its not. Instead of saying this game looks like WoW, why not have a look at some of the older games and see what WoW ripped off them. Stop brown nosing Blizzard and give us some real feedback on this game.

    Warhammer Online
    Crnobog, The Black God
    Chaos Chosen

  • SeeksterSeekster Member Posts: 15

    Ok in all honesty WoW has how many MILLIONS of users (ok some of them are probably bots or alt accounts but all games count those anyway)? Look I played Asheron's Call when I was young so I know WoW isnt the first MMO. Greatest? Hmm possibly but not a shoo in. Most successful? HELL YES! Saying that WoW is not awesome because it ripped off other games is like saying that the Japanese are not awesome because they ripped off other cultures (For the record I love the Japanese and I meant this as a compliment so no flaming). I used to play WoW (before my account got hacked) and I admit that there were only a few things that it did which had not been done before. The reason WoW is so amazing is that it did all the things that worked for past games and did them all at the same time.


    When people ask me why I consider World of Warcraft to be the only MMO worth paying the subscription fee for, I answer "Because of the sheer amount of fun stuff you can do in WoW, you know that you will get your moneys worth (unless you go into a coma or something the day after you pay the next month's fee).

  • draguleadragulea Member Posts: 249

    [quote]Originally posted by Seekster
    [b]Ok in all honesty WoW has how many MILLIONS of users (ok some of them are probably bots or alt accounts but all games count those anyway)?[/quote]

    That's your main argument? Runescape has more than 5 million accounts too - but that doesn't mean it's one of the most successful games ever created (prolly one of the most hated...but that's a different story). Content = success, not the number of registered accounts...IMO.

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