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You are walking down a long, dark corridor...



  • RedshamanRedshaman Member Posts: 19

    is the girl cute (or hot and of age)? If she is, can i just watch to see if she undresses?

    By the way, nice work!

  • hotpiehotpie Member Posts: 191

    hmmmmm.... B! (omg!)

  • saint4Godsaint4God Member Posts: 699

    Cautiously and silently you approach.  The closer you get, the more it sounds like the young girl is crying.  Your heart goes out to her as you extend your hand towards her shoulder.  The moment you touch it, she spins around startled!  Flesh is oozing from her face like melting wax as drops of skin and tears fall onto the ground.  With a shrieking growl she lifts her stretched, barely skinned hand to throw yours off her shoulder.  Her hair sticks like wet straw to the decomposing face.  Exposed eyes stare at you intently.

    Do you:

    A.) Blast the abomination with Firestarter II

    B.) Send Rilper in to attack

    C.) Attempt to calm the deforming monstrosity

    D.) Flee with Rilper to leave her to her business


    Name: Syzulu

    Level: 2

    Class: Mage

    Hitpoints: 10 / 10

    Weapon: None

    Item(s): Tablet of Forgiveness

    Spell: Firestarter II 1D6, + 1 damage per turn thereafter.

    Name: Rilper

    Class: Rogue

    Hitpoints: 15 / 15


    ((Thanks for the compliment ^_^ ))

  • streeastreea Member UncommonPosts: 654


  • saint4Godsaint4God Member Posts: 699

    Overcoming the initial shock, you find the calm to sit down while motioning Rilper to do the same.  Rilper looks at you with wary eyes but submits to the suggestion.  With a pacifying voice, you say "please be at peace, I'm here to help."  She seems taken aback by your lack of fear or disgust, trying to gather herself the best she can.  "My name is Syzulu.  I've been tasked to be the eyes of this forest.  In doing so, I feel it is my duty to to care for the inhabitants of it.  This is my companion Rilper.  We seek the source behind the approaching darkness."  It seems you were losing the comprehension for the young girl with the last statement so to recover you ask, "What is your name?"  She inhales deeply to steady her words.

    "My name is Lidiya.  I'm...I was...just a girl.  Now I'm a monster."

    "Do you have any family Lydiya?"

    "Not anymore.  I spent many days away from home because I was afraid to go back.  Then one day when I did, my parents and brother thought I was a zombie or ghost or something.  I left before I got too close."

    "So, you weren't always like this?"

    "Oh no!  Heavens no.  I fell in love with a boy.  And, his mother didn't like me very much.  She was very upset when she found out I was seeing him.  One day..."  Lydiya starts crying, " day I went there and she placed a curse upon me."

    <press any key to continue>

  • molsidsmolsids Member Posts: 2

    Vote {W}, open the wooden door, and so what happens?

  • saint4Godsaint4God Member Posts: 699

    Lydiya gathered herself and continued, "The curse...I...can't remember all the words but it said something about the never-ending burning love, may it turn my flesh to hot wax.  Please Syzulu, can you help me?  Can you tell my family I'm okay?  Can you visit the house in the hills and undo this spell?  Can you find my love and tell him to wait for me?"

    Which do you suggest would be the right course of action?

    A. ) Go to her family's home to let them know she is alive.

    B. ) Follow her directions to find the house in the hills to confront the mother.

    C. ) Get the location of her love to let him know what happed.

    D. ) Suggest she let go of her significant other to see if it will break the curse.

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