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EverQuest II: Priest Q&A at the Caster University

   An interview at the Caster University with EQ2's Mechanics Designer, EJ Moreland explains the role of the priest archetype and subclasses. Here is a brief synopsis of the major points discussed in the article:

  • Primary role: Healing and Party Support (Buffs and Debuffs)
  • Secondary Role: Reasonable damage, but not a competition toward mage classes due to longer recharge times and less damage then their mage counterparts.
  • Limited crowd control including stuns and roots, ideal for emergency situations but not a real contest against mages.
  • Heals vary in potency depending on the priest subclass you have chosen. attributes and equipment you are wearing will also have an effect as well on healing spells.
  • There are no critical hits for spells in EQ2, but this may change in beta.
  • At the time, priests and their subclasses don't get any spells that are specifically designed to harm any particular "natural" enemy (i.e. clerics versus undead). Instead, bonuses will be applied to certain spells against a natural enemy.
  • Shamans are masters of wards. Wards can protect allies with a powerful damage absorption effect (for more details please read the article provided in a link below).
  • Druids will have "...certain combat augmentations (like damage shields) and damage types that they do not share with the other Priest professions."
  • Priests will no longer have a complete heal ability like in the original Everquest. Instead, each priest subclass will get specific and unique healing abilities and spells as they continue down their respective class trees.
  • Combat resurrections will be possible, but will usually entail greater resurrection penalties.


Read the full article here: http://www.casteruniversity.com/interview.php

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E-mail: Zohar@mmorpg.com

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