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WoW vs. GW



  • VakktnVakktn Member Posts: 746

    GuildWars???? Hell Id rather play EQ2 then Guildwars.... but WoW over both =P




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  • ArkanisArkanis Member Posts: 1

    Have u even been to the beta events to say that? i have been to all and i've never, and i really mean NEVER, seen the game having lag problems, so the great graphics and the no monthly fee only give the game more adepts.

    Most ppl kome here and have never played one of the games but live their patethic lifes playing the other one. I am a great GW fan, so i am suposed to say GW is great and WoW sux, however i am not gonna say that, bekause i dont pay enough attention to WoW, and i guess ppl shouldnt compare the two games before playing them both. And even if they do played both, every one has preferences and as mentioned before GW is not a MMO and the traditional MMO lovers, who like traveling and spawn kamping will probably refuse to find a place in their hearths for GW.

    For those guys out there that prefer action instead of waiting too much time for her to begin i chalenge u all to try guild wars in the next beta event.

  • M0BiUsM0BiUs Member Posts: 9

    WoW beats EQ2 and GW, its easy to get into and it isn't something that you're going to have to spend 5 years leveling up in just to be the best.

    Yeah, GW is built for competition but it doesn't compare to WoW.

  • Bobjones1303Bobjones1303 Member Posts: 680
    this topic kind of died out about 4 months ago, the kind of thing you actually have to go searching for to find
  • PonziniPonzini Member UncommonPosts: 458

    These 2 games are pretty different to compare them. I enjoy both games equally but GW is more fast pvp action and close to no leveling. WoW takes months of leveling but isnt to long but makes you feel like you accomplished alot more and also has a ton of content.

    I plan on playing both

  • wailokwailok Member Posts: 5

    i havent played any of them but i will buy GW when it comes out, mainly because of time issues.
    I cant really afford to spend months leveling a character as Uni sucks the time away from me.

  • Billius8Billius8 Member Posts: 574

    Originally posted by Rampage101
    Witch game do you think is better and why. Guildwars or World of warcraft.

    Mess with the best. DIE like the rest!!

    Guild Wars should lure the P vs P crowd (which I can't help but think is only 8% or so of the MMORPG population, but I could be wrong).  WOW will keep the vast hordes of casual gamers, is my guess.  WOW doesn't have enough challenge or grouping for my tastes, but for the gamer who wants to log on and diddle about, WOW is a great game.

    When I think of WOW, I think of a good light beer.  It's kind of like that, good, but less filling.


  • WillJones420WillJones420 Member Posts: 263

    Special notice to anyone who thinks EQ2 is better than WoW or is going to be better than GW, you might want to start google searching for the cheapest clinics and hospitals out there who can do a frontal lobotomy.  You seriously need it.

    I really don't consider GW to be an actual MMORPG, more on the line of D2 the chat room is a town or whatever you're avatar can run around and band together for instance dungeons.  WoW may not be that much different either though, and I do consider it to be an MMO.  Whatever the case, I love WoW and I think GW looks pretty interesting, so I'll be giving it a try as well.

  • firemagicfiremagic Member Posts: 878

    Guild Wars is a good game for what it is (a multiplayer FPS/RPG crossover) and although I personally don't like the "feel" of it, the production is top-notch.

    I think it'll be successful, but something about "WoW vs GW" just doesn't sound right... It's kind of like "Mike Tyson vs Pee Wee Herman"...

  • JohnarkJohnark Member Posts: 901

    If you buy games on a regular basis, then treat Guild Wars as a normal good RPG game you would buy like any other game and try it.  Since there is no monthly fee, invest the 50$ and try it out.

    GW is not a MMORPG.  You will never see huge 30 people raids trying to raid the opposing faction.  You will travel in areas in max groups of 6.  There's loading time in between each areas kinda like Everquest 2 and that becomes a real bummer especially when a teammate is on Dial-up or a really crappy highspeed and you are waiting for him to load the next area when everyone else in the team loaded 2 minutes ago.

    And WoW is a MMORPG.  if you played MMORPGs before, it should not be hard to chose in between GW and WoW.  Cause you can expect the same gameplay from other fantasy MMORPGs in WoW.

    If the only reason you are hesitating to buy WoW is cause of the monthly fee, then think this... do you like to be around thousands of people at once in a huge world that are not linear?  Or do you prefer Diablo style online RPGs where you group with a few people and do quests with few people in a world that is a bit more linear than real MMORPGs?

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  • FlipmodeFlipmode Member Posts: 224

    I'm a big fan of large scale warfare so WoW.

    fire ze missilez!1111

  • TackleburyTacklebury Member UncommonPosts: 295
    GW stunk imo.  Just my personal feel for the game was very second rate. Peace.

    Tacklebury --}>>>

  • PranCholePranChole Member Posts: 11

    Just going to start off by saying that I've played both games.  Now that thats been said, I can now evaulate the two.  :)

    WoW - Had some fun features, and felt very immersive.  Great game if you're into the seamless huge world thing.  Definetly a game you could spend a lot of time playing. 

    Thins I liked about WoW - 1.  Large and seamless.  Felt cool knowing I could go anywhere in this world.  2.  Plenty of things to do.  3.  Large scale PvP raids, and battlegrounds coming up

    Things Pran did not enjoy with WoW - 1.  Traveling.  I hated that I might have to walk 15 minutes to meet up with friends in another town.  I hated having to travel to do a quest, die, travel to respawn, complete the quest, then walk back to the NPC that gave me the quest.  Thats a lot of time invested, doing virtually nothing.  2.  PvP.  I'm a competitive person, and losing is fine with me, if I lose to someone I know is just more skilled than I am.  Losing to a person jsut becaus they had the more powerful spell or weapon, was absolutely lame.  Odd that I like and dislike the PvP, but I do.  There is NO skill in the PvP, and its that part of it that I dislike.  3.  Pay to play.  I've already bought the game, why should I also be forced to rent it?  4.  Questing.  Since the world is seamless, you see everyone, and therefore they can be doing the same quest as you.  Its already annoying that I'm forced to walk from quest to quest, but now I have to wait to complete it, because some guild is farming the area?

    GW - Great game, and easy to get into.  Levling is quick and easy, and the level cap puts everyone on equal footing.

    GW likes - 1.  Very nice graphics, though I'm not really picky on graphics anyway, so this was minimal.  2.  Little to no lag.  I've only experienced lag once, maybe twice while playing GW.  Whereas in WoW, it was every 30 minutes or so.  3.  Level cap.  The level cap puts everyone on equal footing, which means you arne't getting beat upon by a level 50 player, while you're only a level 25.  4.  The game has great balance in the classes, spells, weapons and armor.  The past beta event I created a level 20 RPG character so I could jump into the PvP quickly, and do the missions with friends.  I didn't uprage weapons or armor once, and was able to compete very well.  Though the weapons and armor would apparently help to some degree, they aren't overpowering.  5.  PvP as a whole is just a ton of fun.  I love playing against other players, and I also love RPG style of games.  This game has both!  And with the balance and level cap, the PvP is all that more enjoyable.  The PvP also, calls for a ton of strategy, teamwork, and player skill (spell timing, and knowledge etc...).  6.  Pay for the game, and thats it.  NO monthly fees. 

    GW dislikes - 1.  Would like more PvP maps, though there probably will be more.  They've only shown 30% or so of the content so far in the beta weekends, so I'm betting they'll have more maps.  If not, I'm fine, I like what I have so far.  2.  The cut scenes in the game are kind of cheap as of right now.  Though again they're probably going to make these better.  Either way, I'm going to be doing 90% PvP, so the cut scenes mean little to me. 

    To end this, I just want to say this.  Try out both games, you cant' really judge either game from what you read and see.  You need to TRY THE GAMES.  I honestly though WoW was going to be the coolest game ever, but then I played it, and was very dissapointed.  So its really just your opinion, and what game you like.  Hope this helped.  image

  • DiagonDiagon Member Posts: 13

    Both equal good games...

    Also equal good as EQ2 or EVE...

    But all of those four games a pretty different.

  • VelgarVelgar Member Posts: 39

    Actually, I, for one, don't think it is plausible to compare those 2 games. Why? Because GW have no monthly fee and thus, when people will finally get that in their head, they will realize that there is no point in comparing the two. Indeed why chose one when you can play both? So, if you think of Guild Wars as an online RPG instead of a MMORPG, you'd see no reason to be loyal to WoW and hate that game. Just in the same way as you don't go comparing Diablo, NWN, FF10, etc with WoW.

    Anyway, that's my opinion and I think that if you do decide to forfeit trying Guild Wars because you're already subscribed to WoW, then you'll miss lot's of fun.

    (P.S: Please do not flame me on my grammar as english is not my native tongue.)

  • KaneKane Member Posts: 780

    Looks fine to me Velgar and well said, might I add. I totally agree. I'm a WoW fan but that wont stop me from playing GW at some point.

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