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EQ2 Roleplay

Hey guys,

I played my free month of EQ2 (bought EQ2+Kingdom of Sky) about a year and a half ago. I have to say that while I enjoyed the game engine, I found the game quite empty at times and a distinct lack of people with whom to roleplay with.
I am a person that finds that I cannot enjoy an MMORPG without being in-character. I understand that i'm from the UK (and when I played EQ2 there were no european RP servers), so the US servers will be less populated at the times I play them, but my questions are these:

- Has the EQ2 community changed much since last year?

- What is the RPing like on Antonia Bayle or the other RP servers and which is the best?

I appreciate your time reading my post and hope you can help me out!
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