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Breakdown of Classes?

Could someone give a me really quick breakdown of the classes? As in what would be a tank, a caster and things like that please. I want to do more research before I start my first character but a general direction would help.

Thanks in advance!


  • BesCirgaBesCirga Member Posts: 806

    Guardian - Tank

    Loremaster - Crowd controller (but probably the best overall class)

    Burgler - Debuffer with some crowd control

    Captain - Buffer with small Heals

    Hunter - Ranged damage dealer

    Champion - Melee damage dealer

    Minstre - healer

    There you go

  • Jaxom92Jaxom92 Member Posts: 267

    You mentioned caster specifically in your post, OP, but there isn't one per-se, though the Lore-master comes the closest.

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