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economy and player creation

Yeah I think the best thing about a mmo or rpg is the abilty to create and resources.  I mean I like to be able to fight for resources go out anr explore to find resources or even have the abilty to trade or buy and sell for the resources.  I believe for a great mmo or rpg a player needs to be able have a reason the the abilty to custimize and create.  Its what makes mmo's and rpg's unalike.  Not only do we want to create for are selves but as well for others so that we can make money to..   Wow did a very good job with that with the auction house.  And as for myself I would like to see that carry on with others. 

        Another great feature is the wide selection of weapons as well as armour and misc....  A plyer wants to be able to change the features of the character not only through out the game but as well in the begining of the game.  A good rpg should last a good 40-50 hrs as for an mmo should give endless time.  So there for we need to see change.  We need to feel that the character that we are playing is us.  Its the desire to want to improve and to be the best and the msot unique character on the game.  We do not want to look like every one else. 

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