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Darkfall - Sieging

outlaw101outlaw101 Member Posts: 351

Recently in the latest Dev journals, the devs released some screenshots of a large-scale siege that their internal testers were taking part of, does anyone have any more details about sieging and large scale PVP,

How it will work etc?

Spread the love please :)

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  • daarcodaarco Member UncommonPosts: 4,275

    We need a Shadowbane veteran here...NOW!

    From what i understand its very much the same. The DF devs have changed some of the siege features that didnt work to good in SB.


    You declare war with another clan (no aligement hits) and then you try to destroy their clanstone....

    Maybe they have build a big castle round the clanstone, and have supplys to withstand a 40 hours siege?

    And problem is that the clan respawn around their clanstone..and you around yours.....wich is in your own city.....a 20 minutes walk from there. So they will have a 1 minute before entering combat again after death, your soldiers 20 minutes.

    So now you see how tactics, bribes, spyes, lies, contacts, good soldiers/crafters/ and logistics is needed to win : )

     The castle dont care much if you are a master swordman...this is way beyond FPS.  So, i cant wait much longer..

     EDIT: Maybe this can help

  • QuestionableQuestionable Member Posts: 653

    Unless they changed it it went something like

    -Declare war on the defenders. At this time the defender's city is not yet vunerable but the attackers' assets are and is announced to every ally and enemy.

    -The clan leader is given a challenge shard that is used to make the defender's city vunerable to attack.(He can not transport magically and is shown on the map) It can be stopped here if they kill the clan leader in the allotted time.

    -If the opposing clan gets to the city than they can commence the attack but the seige doesnt last forever so it can be broken if you wait out the time.(of course just because the time ran out doesnt mean they won't still be killing you and taking your items.)

    -If they can get through all that than to your stone than you lose the city.

    As you can tell these mechanics are designed to give the defender the advantage.

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