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Reflections on #19 (Great work guys) - Keep it up!

outlaw101outlaw101 Member Posts: 351

Well I've just finished reading #19, it put some great light onto some features we've all been cloudy on, one of the things I liked was when the developer said basically;

"Because of the open skill system, you won't be needing more than one character"

Finally, a system to stop these kids rerolling constant character after character, following the FOTM, lovely.

Another thing;

"You'll have to 'Zig-zag your ship to assist you to move when the wind is against you, this isn't compulsory, but will speed you up"

For me and many others it was yet another great Journal, Don't forget to check out the new screenshots which show some of the Internal testers Sieging!

We were lucky enough to have this journal on a monday instead of a friday, I'll be back in 2 weeks to discuss and display some of the new features the devs have been working on - Enjoy.

"Don't hold breath about another KOTOR game coming from Bioware" - Chris Preistly

"Bioware is more intrested in pursueing development of it's own Intellectual properties"

- James Henly


  • UbberGooberUbberGoober Member Posts: 247

    The screens look bad ass, i love the first one looks like there is a siege going on in the orc clan city.

  • hopefadeshopefades Member Posts: 46

    Ya keep up the good work for the next 7 years.. when you'll finally launch a beta.. and when no one will care.

  • QuestionableQuestionable Member Posts: 653

    I would wager that you would still be here in those 7 years.

  • 0k210k21 Member Posts: 866

    The only thing people don't care about when it comes to this game are the vaporware trolls because their pathetic arguments are just getting weaker and weaker the more information comes out, I can't wait to see what you lot will come out with next now that the devs are answering community questions, I was particularly happy with the way this dev journal was put in the end, I'm glad to see that Adventurine isn't going the way of other MMORPG companies.

    Quoting people doesn't make you clever, in fact, it makes you all the more stupid for not bothering to read the quotes you post in the first place.

  • ThomasN7ThomasN7 CommonPosts: 6,690

    This must be the best mmo ever never released ? Release a beta already and lets see how good this game really is.

  • UbberGooberUbberGoober Member Posts: 247

    The Orcs look good, they look pissed off and angry that's good; I hate seeing models of happy orcs the other games have.

    I guess the game is following DARKfall, everything looks dirty, dark, gritty.  The aerial shot of the Orc clan city looks fantastic, just wish they would of put more detail into it but I guess they are trying to tone it down for performace sake.

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