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Strong vendor system with a few other requirements/wants

NonnusNonnus Member Posts: 13

I don't think it exists, but I'll ask anyway.

I have been playing MMO's pretty much constantly since UO and the three that I have spent the most time in and enjoyed the most are UO, EQ and SWG.  I think the common thread that I enjoy with these is having my own physical vendor standing there that I can interact with.  I really like the economy aspect of these games.  With that said, I have also played WoW to endgame (but admittedly not much past it as I don't have the time or patience for raiding and don't enjoy PvP much at all).  I liked Asheron's Call back in the day, but the most appealling part of that game, for me, was the leveling/skill based hybrid part (mixing and matching skills to match your playstyle ala UO and pre-NGE SWG).

My reasons for no longer wanting to play my three favorites are all different.  UO (where I was a GM scribe and had a booming scroll business) is just too old and clunky, SWG (where I was a Master Bio-Engineer/Creature Handler and had a second account GM Bounty Hunter/Ranger that was my resource gatherer) broke my heart (not whining, just stating that I choose not to give them any more money since they pulled the rug out from under me), and EQ requires too much monster bashing to support my economic tendencies.   So I guess here are my wants/needs and I'd love to hear some opinions if I am missing any games that might appeal to me.  I know I probably can't get them all, but I'd love to hear suggestions on games that are close:

  • Vendor of my own (Auction Houses are far inferior to my way of thinking)
  • Minimal Combat (skill based preferably) to support my tradeskill choice
  • Housing
  • Skill based or a skill/level hybrid
  • No chance of losing ground by getting blown up (is this a concern in Eve?)
  • Graphics are not super important, but they obviously need to be better than even the new, improved UO
  • Sandboxy is a bonus

p.s. I have been playing PotBS beta for about a month now and it is clearly not going to be the answer.  Although there are some redeeming features of the economy, it is being released several months too early and is very unpolished IMHO

Thanks for taking the time to read!







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