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Voyage Century or World of Pirates

I'm looking for a good free pirate mmo and i have found and played both Voyage century and World of pirates. So now, i would like your input on which one is better in your opinion and what the strong and weak points are of both games if you have played both. Thanks




  • sanquesanque Member Posts: 5

    Ah finally a thread worth replying to.  While world of pirates is more strategically based the graphics want to make me jab an ice-pick into my eye very frequently. Plus little in game help is avaliable, and most players seem to have a mental retardation disorder that they seem to like to take it out on you. Often with, my favourite "monkey *** " The game's best elements being Social interaction. Rather like an MSN with a pirate theme, gets boring very quickly. However, Voyage Online presents awesome graphics, level-by-level systems, great character customisation- with large amounts of classes and races to compliment. I would recommend you play voyage, with land and sea battles it makes it the ultimate mmorpg experience.

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