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A quick review

Like a lot of games, SoF doesn't tell you what to do when you start, you just kinda drop in and get a very vague sort of feeling of what you should do. I think "Overwhelming" is the word I'm looking for. The game's a bit Asian for my taste, but judging by the screenshots it does get better. Another odd thing is that everything seems impossible to buy at the beginning, but I don't know how fast money is collected. After talking to some NPCs, it seemed like there was an annoying war going on, which I don't personally like, but you might. Overall I'm saying I downloaded, installed, registered, and played, but practically quit at the character creation screen, and definetely quit after the influx of Asian stuff and the rest of the oddities.

I'd say it's worth a try after you're done getting through well-reviewed games.


My personal rating: 5.6

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