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RobotGymnastRobotGymnast Toronto, ONMember Posts: 8

Immortals Online isn't an especially great game for me; it was slow, a slow intro where you had to run all around town, and a pretty one-dimensional battle system when you start. It seems like on a pretty good computer & internet, after you got past the beginning, it might be a good game... it's just not as enrapturing as games like Fiesta, which always has random stuff going on and it's very lively, whereas this game tends to have a less colourful, and overall more depressing, sort of interface and not as much going on (I'd think).


For me, 4.3 / 10

For good computers & internet, 5.2 / 10



  • crunchyblackcrunchyblack northbook, ILMember Posts: 1,362

    i have to respectivly disagree with your assumption that playing on a good computer would result in a better gaming experience, as far as the rest of your review...spot on man, was dreadfully boring having to run to all npc's in under 10 min, and the intro quests made me froth at the mouth for some "kill stuff" action, sadly that was also slow and boring... very dead community, although the moderatiors or w/e were abundant and super friendly and helpful...

    i found my self thinking of what game i would download next while fighting beetles and foxes..i agree with the above game rating of 4.3/10 5.2/10 if its your first mmo ever and have no frame of reference lol

  • ShadowLust21ShadowLust21 South Lyon, MAMember Posts: 1

    Although you guyz may have rated this game a 4.5 .... since then we have updated immortalsUSA 25 more times. It has much more content, and much more things to do now... so plz come check it out we are also now in Open Beta instead of closed beta. Check it OUT!!!


    BTW my ingame name is ShadowLust so talk to me ingame and ill help you out.

  • draguleadragulea whateverMember Posts: 249

    "Dear Immortals Players,

    Thank you for being part of the Immortals Game Community.  We are sorry to inform you that our Immortals game service has terminated as of Friday, June 27, 2008, due to commercial reasons."


  • tikboitikboi california, ARMember Posts: 243
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