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New BBO add-on today!

BBO is currently adding the new content and Im so stoked (exept they are adding it now and I can't play! )


  • Alice47Alice47 Member Posts: 12

    Totally! I can't wait !

    Although I bet i won't be able to survive on the island very long! (i gotta get my fighting skills up this week!) ... 

    Hopefully I will get to go with someone in my guild! I wanna see the T-rex or the King-Kongish thing up close!



  • 0tak1n90tak1n9 Member Posts: 54

    woooohooooo. After playing today the whole day (I took a day off from work ^^), I totally missed one of the biggest changes ! Teh client is now free of charge

    check out this site for more info.


    And the coolest thing: "Players who already bought the boxed version of the game will be compensated with a free month game time."

    That is the nicest Xmas present of the year

  • CzzarreCzzarre Member Posts: 3,742

    Cant say that I have heard a lot about BBO. Is it any good? Also, what is the content they are adding?


  • -aLpHa--aLpHa- Member UncommonPosts: 852
    As far as i know BBO is the German version of Voyage Century.
  • 0tak1n90tak1n9 Member Posts: 54

    Not quite. It also exists in English. The big difference to VCO is that there is no item mall.

    Any ways I can only recommend it to all people who are fed up with the lack of support by IGG or the item mall system. imo it has nothing to do with skill to buy stuff!

  • 0tak1n90tak1n9 Member Posts: 54

    @ Czzarre:

    The new content is basically new skills, extended level cap, new dungeons, new mobs and a new ship (which I think looks f****ing awesome ^^).

  • SuperqwertySuperqwerty Member Posts: 54

    That's the thing with Yusho. They're trying over time to take BBO in a different direction than that of the VCO version. I like the fact that they care enough to put on regular events, Not just arena battles, but events they have put into Cities like prisoner escapes, pirate City seige, animal escapes from the zoo and so on.

  • hawaiimanhawaiiman Member Posts: 70

    BBO is going to be revoultionary...or not?

  • 156th156th Member Posts: 9

    Wow cant wait to come back to the game.

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