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EVE Online Sub-folders

dakilla666dakilla666 Member UncommonPosts: 306

It would be nice to have some more sub sections held inside the main forum for 1) Ship Fittings , 2) New Player Help , 3) Background and war history.

Since the game is very vast and relies entirely on the player community for advancement in terms of politics and war history it would be nice to be able to post some items to give people an idea of what is going on in the world of 0.0 space. This could also be used to tell others about recent war declarations or even look to hire out some mercenaries/headhunters.

New player help is pretty straight forward, have a section where players can easily access information that is useful for them when they are starting up.

The ship fittings section would also be nice as we could create posts for every ship type and then get everyones best opinions an experience to help exchange ideas and give people a better clue about how to fit stuff properly.

Jita is still nice for general chatting as is the corp recuitment section and the trade market, just think that there is SO much different categories of experiences that people can pull from the game that it would be best to try and make it easier to navigate and archieve all the information available with some more folders.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Dakilla[666] ~ The Realm ~ Level 1000 enchanter (retired)
Maranthoric ~ La 4ieme Prophetie ~ Level 160 (5x) HE/Feu (de retour)
Leonthoric[DDC] ~ EVE online ~ <Fire The "Laser"> (retired)


  • TaeraTaera Community ManagerMember CommonPosts: 1,078

    I'll look into adding these!

    Laura "Taera" Genender
    Community Manager

  • TaeraTaera Community ManagerMember CommonPosts: 1,078

    I added an area for Ship discussion; we'll see how it goes from there :)

    Laura "Taera" Genender
    Community Manager

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