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The usual thing happened in the DWB....

panachepanache Member UncommonPosts: 397

Okay guild raid was planned for Saturday night...

On entering the dungeon we were quickly overwhelmed by the train of SBD's kindly bought to us some guys who obviously thought we needed a few more to kill :P

After a few deaths and a hasty retreat we again entered the dungeon....woot success....past the first room. We entered combat against a SBD and slowly chipped away at his massive health.

Hmm....taking longer than i put together a chain of combat dicided to take the oppurtunity for a piddle and go downstairs and grab another foster's. Yep as i thought....still 50% health left. After my 30 mouse clicks i sat by and watched the battle....thinking what has happened to special attacks??? no knock downs and only the rarest of dot's!

Hmm....whoops i'm dead...a kindly doc promptly rezzed me and with a quick dash outside rebuffed!....Hmmm My death promptly removed my buffs but left the contents of my stomach room for another brandy....can't wear helmet as mind recovery is two hits....i'm dead again!

One endless battle ran into the next due to trains of other peoples to SOE to make a game where mobs will quickly lose interest in the guys who originally attacked them but leave it almost impossible for a player to remove aggro from an enbattled comrade!

Well getting bored now.....of seeing 20 peeps popping for 15 minutes at one droid in endless passageways! where are the crowd  control classes.....why don't scouts have single root traps and rangers have area effect specialist AOE traps??? Why can't carbineers supress enemies with knockdowns??? 

Combat better be good 




  • TookyGTookyG Warhammer Online CorrespondentMember UncommonPosts: 1,115
    The combat balance will be a series of nerfs.  Don't expect the DWB to get any easier.

    Until you cancel your subscription, you are only helping to continue the cycle of mediocrity.

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