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Class Analogues

I was wondering if someone learned (or with the inside track) could analogize WAR's classes to other games, espeically Guild Wars.

In Guild Wars my two favorite professions are the Necromancer and the Ritualist.  I like the passivity of both classes in that a Necro I can summon minion meat shields and then "crowd control" by laying on tons of hexes (debuffs) and conditions.  I like the Ritualist because it can change the flow of a battle by dropping spirits that affect things in quite a decent radius.  I was wondering if you could suggest a class for me.

I am leaning towards the Greenskin Squig Herder, and although I feel it is probably closer to a Ranger in Guild Wars rather than a Necro, I do like pets, and it seems like the Squid Herder will have some crowd control, and I love Greenskins!

Thanks for help and suggestions!


  • evil13evil13 Member CommonPosts: 359

     Never played gw, so not sure how to help you :) but, war has its classes divided into 4 arch types: tank, melee dps, ranged dps, healers. From what you are saying you obviously want ranged, so melee dps and tanks are out. So is warrior priest (melee healer)

     So, shaman has heals and nukes, some cc but not in traditional sense (has an ability that knocks enemies and shaman 20 yards apart for example)

     Squig herder has pets (one at a time) that do different things, like tanks, ranged etc. has good ranged damage and rather weak melee.

     Magus is a nuker with some interesting utility spelles.

     zealet is a healer with some ranged damage, also uses rituals (ground targeted aoe buffs/debuffs)

     On order side you have runepriests, seem to appear to be healer/ranged nuker with ground targeted aoe buffs- runes (unless those got replaced by standard buffs)

     Engineer is a ranged dps with some nice tricks, aoe bombs and pet turret (just 1 though) has alright melee it seems.

     Bright wizard is just a standard glass cannon, high damage (aoe especially) but dies faster than anythign else.

     That's a quick outline of known ranged cclasses :)

  • ImpyrielImpyriel Member Posts: 711 


    Your best bet is to go there and read about each class to figure out which one will best suit your playstyle.

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