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Which game allows this..

TangogulfTangogulf Member UncommonPosts: 58

Wanting to pick the brains of some people out there who might be able to answer this question. I recall a game that has come out in the past year or two that allowed for an offline friend to collect some (perhaps half) the experience you collect in your adventuring. The purpose of this system was so that friends would not out level one another.

Can anyone think of the game I'm talking about?

A friend of mine and I who have notoriously different schedules would like to try staying around the same level. This seems as good as system as any.

Thanks for any and all help.


  • StrayfeStrayfe Member UncommonPosts: 199
  • TangogulfTangogulf Member UncommonPosts: 58

    Thanks for the quick reply. One more quick question. What is this called in game....groups factions fellowships? Cant seem to find it in the manual.

  • TrollstarTrollstar Member Posts: 332

    Hmm...I played VG for a few months back when it started, and I don't recall that being a feature of the game....

    Who the hell are you, and why should I care?
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  • StrayfeStrayfe Member UncommonPosts: 199

    I snatched this from another post on the VN boards, because it does a much better job of explaining it than I ever could.

    Vanguard: Saga of Heroes - Brotherhood System

    Q: What is the Brotherhood system? And what is this Caravan?

    A: You can find both under the social tab. A Brotherhood system is a shared exp system. It's great for friends, family, guildies, and even yourself to get into the same Brotherhood and share exp...even when they are offline! You can have a maximum of 6 players in a Brotherhood, and you have to be standing next to each other to invite people into the Brotherhood. You have to be within 5 levels of each other when being invited. Once you are in a Brotherhood, all kill exp & quest exp are shared evenly throughout all members in the Brotherhood, and it doesn't matter if they are online or offline.

    You do not see the exp or levels you've gotten while offline, but you will get them when you login. So don't be alarmed if you're offline and don't see that level you know you sholud've gotten from the Brotherhood. The exp is added to your character when you login. When you leave a Brotherhood, you have to be ingame for 4 hours before you can join another. And yes, you can switch leaders of the Brotherhood. The leader is pretty much one designated person that gets to invite or kick members of the Brotherhood.

    YES you can have your own characters in the same Brotherhood. You would of course need someone to help you get it setup, because you can't invite 2 of the same characters on the same account since you gotta be standing next to each other. But you could get someone to invite both of your characters in the Brotherhood, and level up 2 characters at once. Of course you would gain half the exp as you level since it's shared, some people like having their own characters to switch off and play every other night.

    One thing to remember about characters leveled up in the Brotherhood system. If you don't play that character, your skills will be very low. So be sure to log them in and play them, even if it's just to work up some skills by hitting/casting on lower level mobs. You do not want to be a high level character with lvl 1 skills tongue

    What's a Caravan? It's an offline traveling system, designed to keep groups of friends together. Say you are grouped with a bunch of friends tonight, you need to log, but you guys talked about moving to a different dungeon tomorrow. You don't want to log here and have to run to another continent tomorrow, since it takes time. So the leader of the group sets up a Caravan, invites you all into the Caravan. You logoff, the leader of the Caravan runs to a new dungeon on another continent while you are logged off. Tomorrow when you logon to play, upon login, you will be asked whether you would like to login at the spot where the leader logged off at (new dungeon spot), or if you would like to login where you logged off last night. It's a cool system, saves you time, and you can keep up with a group of friends without having to worry about catching up the next time you login.

  • TangogulfTangogulf Member UncommonPosts: 58

    Brotherhood, thats it! Thankyou!

    Interestingly the Vanguard online manual does not contain any information about brotherhoods. But it is in the forums

  • TangogulfTangogulf Member UncommonPosts: 58

    Hey Strayfe;

    I just ended up reading a few of your posts. First was the:

    "New game for FFXI fan?" dated 30 October 07,

    Then: "I need a serious opinion..." 01 November 07

    Finally: Vanguard review - 07 November 07

    The Vanguard review was written very well, I enjoyed it immensely. My question is, does it look like Vanguard is the replacement Mmorpg that you have been looking for? Interested to see how it is going in Vanguard and any other experiments you have conducted in other Mmorpgs.

  • JelloB2000JelloB2000 Member CommonPosts: 1,848

    Thread moved to Vanguard forum.

  • StrayfeStrayfe Member UncommonPosts: 199

    Unfortunately, although I'm still playing and still have an active subscription, Vanguard started to slow down for me in the 20s.  At this point it's a bit too grindy for my taste.  Many of the interesting questlines you see in the beginning taper off later on down the line.  At this point, it's pretty much just a kill X of Y.  Crafting is still awesome, and there are still a lot of good things to say about the game, but it doesn't seem to have a long term pull.

    I'm trying LOTRO right now.  It's essentially the same as Vanguard, except more quests, more polish and worse crafting.  I don't really anticipate this is gonna do it for me either.  At the moment, I'm sort of tapping my foot waiting for Pirates of the Burning Sea to see how well that does it for me.

  • TangogulfTangogulf Member UncommonPosts: 58


    Thanks for the reply. Although I only dabbled in FFxi, I understand the difficulty of looking for that new Mmorpg. The Mmorpg that caught my attention for so many years was EQ1.
    Since then, nothing has really done it for me. I was hoping that EQ2 and Vanguard would foot the bill, however, EQ2 is a definite no (for me) while I have just started to dabble in Vanguard.

    I too have started with Lotro. What I like about both games is that there does not seem to be the race to upper levels. I for one have always enjoyed the enterprise of making money in an economy and buying gear from that money. I like the idea of an existence in game that does not necessarily always mean trying to level to the end game. Player housing also helps with this, which both games have.

    The only real problem I have with Lotro is that it does not appear to have any mentoring system which can be a real problem for the friend I mentioned when I began that post. When we do adventure, we would like to do it together.

    Thanks again for the reply

  • TrollstarTrollstar Member Posts: 332

    Aha,.knew there was a reason that I didn't recall this feature, wasn't turned on when I was playing (apprently not available until after the recent server merges)

    Who the hell are you, and why should I care?
    Congrats! You are a victim of Trollstar!

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