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The Most Profound of Philosophical Forums: Barrens Chat



  • AzureProwerAzurePrower Member UncommonPosts: 1,547

    Originally posted by CleffyII
    "What can my character jump off of and live?"

    As an alliance paladin. I don't ask that question. I just do it. =P

    Jumping off Darnasus cliffs ftw!

  • thorwoodthorwood Member Posts: 485

    The ignore list was great for the Barrens.

    My ignore list was mostly full of  inane Chuck Norris jokers.

  • ProfRedProfRed Member UncommonPosts: 3,493

    The Barrens is a tricky animal.  I usually choose to fly over it as it is just enough exposure to laugh a little without getting sucked into it, but if I find myself wandering the Barrens on foot I can feel myself slowly succumbing to the mindless ramblings. 

    I remember once wandering the Barrens at some off time.. Maybe 7 or 8 AM est and there was silence.  It amazed me and in some ways made me feel almost dissapointed in the Barrens.  About two seconds before I left the zone one line popped up on my chat and then I changed chat channels.

    It said "Chuck Norris slayed the Barrens."

  • ianubisiianubisi Member Posts: 4,201

    Every game has this. In UO, in the old days, it was Brit bank. In EQ it was either GFay or ECommons (depending on server). Etc...

    The difference with WoW is that so many more people have played it and thus have experienced it.

    It has nothing to do with the game. It's human nature.

  • DyraeleDyraele Member UncommonPosts: 200

    It's interesting to me that Barrens Chat is brought up as a positive thing. All I heard were negative things about it. I don't play anymore and haven't for a while now, but that is what I have read in forums.

    AKA - Bruxail

  • CleffyIICleffyII Member Posts: 3,440

    I liked it cause it was very social.  Its not like you had to talk about what was being talked about at the moment.  With Barrens Chat it was very easy to change the subject.


  • cobrammcobramm Member Posts: 10

    Barrens chat is just filled with people that have been grinding there for about 25 levels and been through on multiple characters.  Their insanity is made manifest!

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