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I have played this game back in Open Beta, and unfortunately, performance seemed rather sluggish. I have a 2mb net connection, with a pretty beefy computer. Not OMFG good, but rather top of the line. I wanted so badly to appreciate it, however, the low performance (wasn't sure if it was just engine issues or actual server congestion) was one of the biggest killers for my enjoyment.

I have one question now: how is performance? Is it laggy? Sluggish? Smooth? Any suggestions/questions/comments?

Thanks for any time given.

Games Tried: TCOS, 12sky, 12Sky2, Rappelz, LoA, GO, HO, GMU, Warrock, TR, PWI, SotNW:GE, PotC, EVE, MxO, PotBS, KO, HO, 9Dragons, LotRO, DDO, L2, Maplestory, Second Life, CoX, GW, EQ2, Ryzom, WoW, Planetside, SWG, FE, Aion, Allods, CO, etc

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