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Dr.JekyllDr.Jekyll Member Posts: 60

Greetings. Well as you all know almost every EQII and WoW fans has declared war on each other. And both of them com to each others forum say shit about the opposite game. So now i ask both sides, to go to the General Categories Forum and post whatever you want about the other game. Becuase lately there has been many MANY WoW and EQII fnas that are invading each other forum. And we both get SICK of it. SO i please beg you all to Go to the General Forum. And Post your opinion here.

Cheers, im out::::02::


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Cheers. I'm out ::::02::

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  • DryfireDryfire Member Posts: 9
    Agreed, heh look at my post about the new gameplay movie and all the shit that got ha!  Two wrong do not make a right, so just because someone goes to your forum and flames, doesn't mean you have to stoop to their level and do the same thing.  Intelligent people know how to maintain their composure and not waver from it.

    You can sleep when your dead.

    You can sleep when your dead.

  • DraciusDracius Member Posts: 379

    You might want to read this thread


    One I started to try and settle things around here. It's leaning towards flame wars though.


    Really hard to avoid in these times of strife... The war's getting worse each day, the fires get bigger, the sky gets darker... The days just arn't the same....


    Oh wait, this is just a forum war. Let's all have a beer =D

    With every post I lose just a little bit more of my sanity.



    "With every post, I lose just a little bit more of my sanity." -Dracius

  • bmd32bmd32 Member Posts: 38

    Everyone has a right to their own opinion.  And i respect that.  Where i stop losing respect is when peolpe slander and alienate people because of their game choice.  If you like WoW then post in WoW related forums about how much you enjoy the game.  If you like EQ2 then post in EQ2 forums about how much you like the game.  The General Forum is place to compare games and whatnot.  And flaming is just immature.

    Also saying that you don't like a game is fine. Saying it while insulting others (ie stupid WoW/EQ2 fanboys, etc..) is wrong.

    Purposely putting down one game to make another game look better is wrong too.  Not only does it affect people who may like the game, but it affects the company who is making the game as well.

    WoW is trying to attract a particular audience as well as EQ2.  It's not that one is better then the other, it all about preference.  Blizzard is targeting their fans of the Warcraft Universe as well as the new mmo player.  SOE is attracting old EQ1 players and veteran MMO players.  And this is not to say that a veteran mmo player will not like WoW, and that a new MMO player will not play EQ2.

    Anyways  both games have great potential and fanbase.  Both will be great games.

    Well that my 2 cents of random thoughts.  Just be respectful of someones opinion and if you don't like it, igonore it.





    ~ bmd32

    There is no such thing as innocence, only degrees of guilt.

  • GaurdianKingGaurdianKing Member Posts: 338
    go mega man, blast them all up, use you cannon.

    J.d.slanger-everything apeares to be a scam in this world when you first see it does'nt it.

    J.d.slanger-everything apeares to be a scam in this world when you first see it does'nt it. image

  • Sk8andgamesSk8andgames Member Posts: 270

    Each game has alot of people who like it right? imageso how bout the WoW fans post on the WoW forums and the EQ2 fans post on the EQ2 forums...simple as that.image no point in arguing anyway there both gonna b good games!image





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  • GaurdianKingGaurdianKing Member Posts: 338
    tried saying that but no one lissens. LOL others just came up with there opinions to account for that.

    J.d.slanger-everything apeares to be a scam in this world when you first see it does'nt it.

    J.d.slanger-everything apeares to be a scam in this world when you first see it does'nt it. image

  • zeroskaterzeroskater Member Posts: 176

    they should make a eq vs WoW mmorpg and then we can all kill each other in a game .... it would make everything so much easyer .

    without life we'd be dead.

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