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World War II Online: Friday Q&A

KoltraneKoltrane Member UncommonPosts: 1,049
The latest WWIIOL Q&A is up on the Playnet discussion forums.  One issue that is addressed is the clunky chat interface.  It appears that CRS is working on improving it, but other issues are taking precedence:

Q: I have an idea about the New UI that will be coming in. I hope you guys are focusing on making it easier to chat.

A: Greater chat functionality and flexibility, as well as simpler more intuitive methods of using chat, will definately be part of future upgrades to the game. The first new UI features however, will not be focussed on chat functions, as that also requires the chat host to be redone to some degree, and our host guys are neck deep in more critical upgrades and features at the moment.

Read the entire Q&A at this link.

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