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any gamers start at release still addicted?

Riotact007Riotact007 Member UncommonPosts: 245

Hi there, I played the trial and really enjoyed it but at the time couldn't really invest enough time to play it properly. The only thing is i wasn't sure there was enough to keep me hooked for a very long time.


Just wondering is there many players that have been playing since release and are still playing everyday?

If so what keeps you hooked? thanks. I'm just really looking for a new MMO to get into.


  • airheadairhead Member UncommonPosts: 718

    define "very long time".

    For me, 6 months is a very long time... it's a fun game for 3-4 months. The last few months all depends on the friends you make in game. Mine were great, so I enjoyed it for 6 months. Not playing anymore though...

    Is that long ?

  • DonnieBrascoDonnieBrasco Member Posts: 1,757

    Just renewed my 6 months founder payment option yesterday - as it expires today. Have 5 toons: 48,35,30,25,20.

    It exlains itself, i believe :)

    (and I'm a MMO vet: Wow 1,5 years, EQ2 for almost a year,also played Neocron, Ryzom, Guild Wars, 9Dragons for longer sessions....)


    Denial makes one look a lot dumber than he/she actually is.

  • SvayvtiSvayvti Member Posts: 160

    Interested more than ever. The book 11 updates were all great and I don't have enough time to spend doing the Rift, GoblinTown, (book 11 quests were a lot of fun and I look forward to 12) and the Ettenmoors is much improved with the elimination of ~Trolls and ~Rangers.

  • AckbarNLAckbarNL Member Posts: 458

    Ive been playing since release , and still havent reach the level cap :D , now that says something about the game or about me playstyle, but imo it take a little longer then it was in wow.

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    Played: Lord of the Rings Online, Starwars Galaxies.
    Tried: Starwars the Old Republic, Everquest 2, Guild Wars, Vanguard, Age of Conan, Aion.

  • Eol-Eol- Member UncommonPosts: 274

    I have been playing steadily for well over a year now. That is as long as I have ever played any mmorpg straight, usually it seems I start to lose interest after 6 months or so, sometimes sooner.  I am starting to wear down on LotRO a bit, but only because of the many months I spent in beta.

    LotRO is a very solid and fun game and I highly recommend it to everyone except the very hardcore gamer, its just not aimed at them. Its aimed towards more casual gamers and gamers who enjoy the world and the quests and savor them, as opposed to people who rip thru them the fastest way possible in order to ding 50.

    I am not the biggest fan of the long scripted instances or raids where you have to know the 'trick' of every mob boss; I am more of an explorer who enjoys exploring new areas and fighting tough monsters and lots of them. So LotRO has some of its lustre for me, but that being said, I have stuck with it as long or longer than any other mmorpg i have played (daoc, swg, L2, wow) - never lasted more than 6 months in a mmorpg since daoc, and I am still playing LotRO after a year with no plans to cancel anytime soon...

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  • dragonacedragonace Member UncommonPosts: 1,185

    I've been playing steadily since the open Beta in April.  No plans on leaving in the foreseeable future for me.  In fact, I left two other games to play LoTRo exclusively.

    Tried Vanguard briefly, and had been playing EQ2 for 1.5 years.  Not subscribed to either one of those now, it's just LoTRo for me.   I'm very happy with it and the developers seem to be on the right track.

  • YeeboYeebo Member Posts: 1,359

    Same here.  Been playing since open Beta and I still love it.  

    I don't want to write this, and you don't want to read it. But now it's too late for both of us.

  • VallenarVallenar Member Posts: 124

    I was in closed BETA and I don't have any plans to stop any time soon.

    I love my kinship, the game is terrific, and I enjoy the story Turbine is weaving with the Epic Book quests.

    It has me hooked.

  • TechleoTechleo Member Posts: 1,984

      Still totally in love with LOTRO. I started it back in late beta when a friend told me he was hooked. It actually was against my better judgement I tried the game. Id quit mmorpgs because I was engaged and didnt have the time to devote to the game like I had with WoW. Still in the game. The missions and quests tend to be perfect for my playstyle! Love the game, no plans to leave!

  • Jaxom92Jaxom92 Member Posts: 267

    I've been playing since the second Alpha testing phase in August and I have yet to run out of things to do and fun to be had. I've recently started leveling up two alts for the purposes of crafting, which will probably take longer than simply leveling up my main for questing, though he did some crafting too.

    So, my time in this game has been a little over a year, and I'm still having fun. You could consider that addicted.

    Check out my LOTRO Blog:


  • MeridionMeridion Member UncommonPosts: 1,495

    Still there, still playing. Since release.

    I've got one char level 50 and I'm mainly roleplaying and PvPing with it. Well, rift and Helegrod are ok in between, but as gear doesn't really matter that much in LotRO (not like "lol i pwn T12 so I pwn u on autopilot roflol") I can spend my time PvPing without getting frustrated, which is a huuuuge +++


  • Darth_PeteDarth_Pete Member Posts: 559

    Started at realease

    Got bored in 3 months

    Had 2 month break

    Came back and got bored in 1 week

    My 6 month subs ran out few days ago.

  • Psym0nPsym0n Member UncommonPosts: 283

    I started at release and played the game for about a month, couldn't get quite hooked on it.

    I like pvp and differences, this game sucks in both. But for PvE it's quite fun!

  • uncusuncus Member UncommonPosts: 528

    Addicted?  My wife & I still play whenever we can - been about 3 weeks now since we could...  Lifetime sub FTW!

  • MeridionMeridion Member UncommonPosts: 1,495

    I said this before and people were going wild over it, I'll say it again: It is THE best mainstream MMO for RP on the market ATM.

    I guess this is what keeps people hooked.Now, after 6 months the people I started with an now meet time and again on the battlefield or in Bree are around 70% RP-players. I guess that's the key to NOT getting bored with it, at least one key...


  • Redline65Redline65 Member Posts: 486

    Been playing since closed beta and I'm still hooked. I'm still finding new stuff to do in the game, just the other day I tried chicken play for the first time. I also bought a house in the Shire last week and I've been spending time messing with that. My highest character is level 40, but I've been leveling up alts and doing a lot of crafting too. For me the game just hasn't gotten boring.

  • C_MartelC_Martel Member Posts: 2

    Started with early beta. Quit shortly after Beta2, being a lore junkie did me in pretty quick. That and I had some basic game play gripes with it. No idea if it even looks the same these days.



    Though I was told by my brother, who started playing at release, that they started using the banner planting for Captains again as an option.

  • solareussolareus Member Posts: 3,165

    I been playing since CB . It has been a year now, and I's still hooked. I recently tried VG , but for some reason  I just couldn't get into it  as I can with LotRO.  I like the Monster Play alot and see it having a great future with more roaming areas to play in. It would be cool o see monster play into a fully costumizable feature with maybe some mounts to ride , as well as mounted combat ... Also think that Turbine is a great developer , and in this day an age it is hard to find a good game let alonea group of developers you feel good supporting.

    Find the community very tasteful as well, with the ability to communicate, like adults who are having fun. :)

    "Freedom is just another name for nothing left to lose" - Janis Joplin

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