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[H] 70 lock looking for X-fer

SkarmySkarmy Member Posts: 38

 Alright, let's get this show on the road

  Me - I'm 21 and I live in Louisiana, I enjoy long walks on the beach at sunset and punk rawk

  My character- Level 70 warlock with Vashj clearing, multiple  Kael attempt experience, ~1000 shadow damage completely unbuffed , ~190 +spell hit, most all epic gear, with a deep fascination with blowing raid bosses up...

  What I expect of a guild interested in me- Most of SSC and TK done at least , A strict raid leader that doesn't take BS from guild members while raiding, shares the deep fascination of blowing up raid bosses, good community that gets along fairly well...

  What a guild thinking of me as a prospective member can expect from me - To have all consumables ready and on-time for raids, have all required raiding mods ready for the raid, raid attendance near or more than %90, IF said guild is doing Hyjal or BT now or very near future said guild can expect me to learn the encounters like I know the Ragneros or Onyxia encounters ( hogger even )...

  Thank you for taking the time to read through this, and I hope to hear from someone sometime in the near-future as my current server is on the verge of dead. Please note that I am very serious and anyone wishing to acquire me should be rather serious as well due to the mechanics of server transfers and the possible problems that may or may not arise.

__________________________________________________________________ Edit

              I now am attuned to BT, raised my spellhit to cap, raised my SD to 1100 COMPLETELY unbuffed. I had Xferred off and joined a guild that I keyed BT with and that guild disbanded. So yeah, I'm up for another Xfer. Oh yeah, and I went from mostly epic gear to fully epic gear :D

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