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Ultima IX, worst voiceovers ever. Will they be this bad in this one?

gargantroogargantroo Member Posts: 1,477

On a forum (dunno if this is true or not) I heard Ultima X Odyssey had NPCs that would talk to you with voice overs. It sounds awful, I could understand if they got good voices, but who remembers the delusional prisoner in Ultima IX?

"I am Lord British. I am your sovereign. Release me."

Said with no emotion, the voice sounded like a hardworking 20th century male who was very tired. Very monotonous. It was awful. There were more, this was my favorite.

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Final Fantasy XI Online- Nabara
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  • OrccOrcc Member Posts: 3,043
    Yes there are supposed to be voice overs for quest-giving NPCs but judging by the quality of the music i hope that the voice ovesr will be done with similar care. Ya, U9 had some of the worst voice acting ive ever heard, but the game isnt exatly the best ever made either...

  • ConerValloreConerVallore Member Posts: 36

    .... No there will be no voiceovers in UXO. The system has the ability to have voiceovers but after the first player test at the SF event they decided to remove it from the game. So some day they could start adding it but based on the old team, there will be no voiceovers in the game on release. ::::07::


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