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Questions: Time Required and Cheating

TierceTierce Member Posts: 49

Decided this would be one of the games I'd check out while I wait for all the '08 releases.  I've read a good amount of info and done a little playing, but I've got a couple big questions that I need serious answers to. 

1. What kind of time requirements are there for this game if you really want to compete?  I see how the ranking system works and what not and how it's obviously biased greatly towards veteran players.  How much time a day are people having to put in to be able to go out and be successful in the chip wars and see their server rank noticeably increase? 

2. How much cheating really goes on in this game?  This is a resource based game, and I've come across a good amount of information on duping in the reading I've done on this game over just the last week.  That makes me believe I'd find a lot more if I looked harder.  How much duping is really going on, and what (if anything) is being done by the gaming police to reduce it?


  • LusafurLusafur Member Posts: 52

    Ok to hit max level it take 2-3 monthes if you are a dedicated player.  In the game there is something called points. you max them out and you are stronger. It is good maxing out all points because they can come in handy. For chip wars it depends on the numbers of the army and kills of them.  It also depends on a good race leader and acrhons.  If they cant do their job correctly you are doomed to lose.  To see the experience you gain you can see on the right side of the screen where it says race leaders. You should see 5 small boxes and click the 3rd i believe and it will tell you how much you got during cw. You cant really cheat in rf online sorry. If you have any more questions feel free to ask.


  • TierceTierce Member Posts: 49

    What I really mean is how much time do you need to spend a day to keep up with everybody.  One of the reasons this has become a concern is some comments I saw from older players saying that they could no longer spend 8-10 hours a day playing the game, and they felt they could not be competitive without spending that much time.  As much as I would sell my soul to have my old gameplaying days back, I don't have that kind of time each day anymore with work and what not.  On weekends yeah, but not daily during the week. 

    I'm looking for a game that is complex and competitive that I can play 3-4 hours on weeknights and 8 hours on Fri-Sun and that be adequate to hold my own.  The little time I have spent ingame, I like the fact that there is a PvP competition going on all the time, and that there is potentially a ton of character development you can do.  My concern is that the only way to get to a respectable level in the game is to put in 10 hours a day bulking up, because that's just not an option for me. 

  • LusafurLusafur Member Posts: 52

    Yes you can play 3-4 hours a day. Thats the same amount of time that i play a day.  You can go far if you know what your doing.


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