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European Servers

DoonaDoona Member Posts: 28

I live in the UK and i just got EQII , is it worth changing to the american servers for a more populated world , are the EU ones deserted? Are there any side affects of using a U.S server?


  • quaikyquaiky Member Posts: 566

    I am playing on eu server (runnyeye) and it has a healthy population. maybe a bit top heavy but there are low levels too.

    Main advantage of EU Servers is that the downtimes are at about 4am gmt, while they are in the european afternoon on US Servers. Disadvantage is that we usually get the patches one day later. 

    Also most players on EU servers play at European times that helps finding groups if you play typical EU evening times.

  • LeemegLeemeg Member UncommonPosts: 230

    I played on a US server for about 10 month, and the switch to a EU one. Maybe a couple of the US server has higher population, but the EU servers are far from deserted. It is as the other poster said, a healthy population.

    My main reason I switched was raid times. If you want to raid, and do that in some human time, I would say join the EU servers. For normal questing and leveling, its pretty much same which server you choose. But, I still would hold a finger on the Europeans ones.


  • DoonaDoona Member Posts: 28

    Ok thanks alot. I might go with a european server, since evening times when most people will be playing , is the middle of the afternoon over there.

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