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Elf Champion lvl 6

I have a elf champion who is level 6 and can he use a shield because I found one but when I tried to equip him with it, I got a message that said something like I am not proficient with this, Please tell me what I can do to be able to use a shield?


  • Unicorns_PwnUnicorns_Pwn Member Posts: 427

    Shield proficiency doesn't happen till lvl 15 with Heavy shield proficiency coming in at lvl 30. Personally I never used shield on my champ, then again I stopped playing him at lvl 17.

  • Jaxom92Jaxom92 Member Posts: 267

    A champion excells at melee dps, so by equipping a shield, you're cutting into your prime abilities. If you really want to use a shield, I'd suggest rolling a guardian. They get to use shields right away. (Not sure when they become proficient at heavy shields - 15?) A guardian is the tanking class, so in groups your roll will be slightly different. Depends on if you like that sort of thing.

    It really doesn't matter how you play your champ when you solo, so if you want to use a shield, more power to you, but I'd carry around a couple good one-handers to duel wield when in groups. A two-hander is also a good option for champs, though I personally prefer to duel weild because I can hit faster.

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  • CzzarreCzzarre Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 3,742

    For most MMORPGS, getting through the early levels quickets is about maximizing DPS. Defense should take a back seat until lev 25-30 or so. Especially if your soloing. Weapons upgrade first, armor upgrade 2nd.


  • Wharg0ulWharg0ul Member Posts: 4,183

    yeah, guardian gets heavy shield and armor (contrary to what the manual says) at 15.

    For a champ, I'd look for a big, nasty 2-handed weapon with mad DPS.


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