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only played for a day near enough

Well i started playing this game last night and now ive kinda got bored the gamplay is good maybe its jut not for me so i might go back onto voyage century or RYL:Unforgiven wars or something cya all i met (no-one)


  • lol well i can see why your bored of it no mmo is fun without any friends (if there is one plz tell me) but u prolly just got bored of the game cus you had no 1 else to play with if you ever consider going back my ign is xHaseo and i play on the Dead Sea server

  • freeleefreelee Member Posts: 102

    i'm not bored but just i don't  know how to play it

    it's quiet difficult to find the quest NPC or... that is i cant find where i am ... = =b

    i go to play it becuae i heard that there are many ship in the game. but ...

    i think i will go back to VOC too.

    who knows any other interesting game?

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