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does ms get better?

gerry7gerry7 Member Posts: 53

Right now i'm level 26 and i'm finding that the game is really grindy.  The only things im doing right now is killing monsters and PQ. Almost every single quest is just collect 40 of these and 20 of that. I read somewhere that it's a really long grind to lvl 30. Does that mean that things start to get better after level 30 and you can do more interesting things than just grind or is maplestory just one long grindfest with no real point?



  • DragenSoulDragenSoul Member Posts: 86

    Thats basiclly the whole game from there on out. So I suggest you save yourself wasted ammounts of time, Just walk away.

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  • DimondSquareDimondSquare Member Posts: 1

    That statement was "almost" crap.

     Boggled? Don't be.

    After lvl 30, You make the 2nd job advancement. You can kill more monsters using cooler methods.

    For example, if you are a magician, you can choose to be an Ice/Lighting wizard. You can then Freeze Monsters to Death!! I know!

    Yes, it is one long grind fest, but it sure is one interesting Grindfest!

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