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Looking to start

nubiliusnubilius Member UncommonPosts: 39

Hello everyone, I intend on buying EQ2 for the first time later this week, and I was just wondering a few things.


1. Which server seems to have the over all best population / character density per zone?

(I ask this cause I cannot stand starting an mmo and not seeing good amount of players until the much higher zones)

2. What would be a good recommended class for a mage type character?

Any replies to this would be greatly helpful and also if there are any guilds recruiting on any of the suggested servers I would love to get an invite if so possible.


Thank you


  • FlemFlem Member UncommonPosts: 2,867

    1. Antonia Bayle the RP server has the most population.

    2. Depends what you want to do.  If you solo a lot go for a Necro or Conjuror.  If you plan on grouping and want to dish out some serious DPS then roll a Wizard.

  • nubiliusnubilius Member UncommonPosts: 39

    well in the beginning I am sure I will be soloing, and through parts of the game too, but over all I would like to be part of a good grouping experience.

    I know a lot of people through out many mmo's often prefer to solo, well at least I have noticed, I could be wrong, but I am pretty sure the whole point of an mmo is to group with people and help tackle most of the games content.

  • adders666adders666 Member Posts: 259

    in my opinion you will want to roll a warlock seeing as they seem to be more durable then mages and can dish out some really sexy DPS when they need to, and as for wanting to go through most of the games content, you will be quite hard pressed to do this as there is literally thousands of quests and it is impossible to do them all while they still give decent xp even with combat xp turned off. 

    i have found that up untill level 20 odd there is nothing much to do in a group anyway unless you want to power level, that said though, necromancers/conjurers are both very nice to solo with and can do very decent damage, especially when you get your mage / scout pet later on

    so to acclimatise yourself to the game it may be beneficial to roll one of the pet mages just so you get the feel of the layout of the game without many deaths (which is easy if you are unsure of aggro radius and other factors), also necromancers get invisibility quite early which can be great when u want to just walk round and find out where stuff is, as it stops most things aggroing you in the early game

  • nubiliusnubilius Member UncommonPosts: 39

    thank you very much for that detailed response! I will keep all that in mind, and with everything said, I may role a warlock, and another mage type that you have suggested just to see what each offers in game play.


    As far as completing all the content, I know that will be nearly impossible , but one of my usual lofty goals in all mmo's, trying to all that can be done!

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