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A Plea for help!

I knew getting into this game that I wouldn't recieve the best performance, because my card only has 128mb of VRAM, but I had no idea that max I'd only be able to get around 11 fps with everything turned down. If anybody could help me out with some tips for getting a little higher FPS I'd be indebted. Here are my specs. Oh, and just to let you know, I've tried doing the tweaks. They don't seem to work too well for me. I don't know, maybe I'm doing something wrong. Anyways, if you could help me out, I'd be very greatful. Oh, and happy thanksgiving.



OS: Windows Vista Home Premium

Processor: AMD Turion X2 1.8 Ghz


 Sound: Coexant High Definition (on board)

*Video: NVIDIA GeForce Go 6150 (amount of allotted RAM turned up to 128mb)


If there is anything I could do I'd be very grateful for the help. I'm defragmenting right now, and I've heard that'll help me. Maybe if there was some sort of forceware or something for my laptop, I'd use that. If anybody knows of anything I'd really appreciate it. I can stand the turned down graphics, but I'd at least like to get around 15 FPS if I'm going to have everything turned down. If you can help me, please do. Thanks again.


*Note: I can't get a new graphics card because I have a laptop, and I don't have the money for one right now anyways.





  • braamerbraamer Member UncommonPosts: 88

    There's really not much you are going to be able to do. Integrated laptop graphics are not good with a well-coded, low graphical requirement game.

  • gingus418gingus418 Member Posts: 128

    Well gee thanks for that reply. How about you go post somewhere else, where your sarcastic comments will be appreciated. Now if anybody has anything helpful, please post it! It is direly needed. Thanks.


  • adders666adders666 Member Posts: 259

    ok i dont play vanguard myself as i recieved terrible performance in beta, but apparently its been made more stable now, but i play EQ2 and that is an equally graphically intensive game imho and i had horrible performance, and the reason for this i found out was because of my paging file being resized constantly by windows, so what i did was manually set the page file of windows to the maximum of the system managed size (put the max size which should be 1.5x your ram into the min and max boxes) this stops page file resizing which helps enormously, then i had a little brainwave. i had a 1Gb flash memory usb stick hanging around so i thought why not try putting the page file on that and see if it does anything. i did this and my performance in EQ2 has gone through the roof, i could only play it on high performance before and now it runs seamlessly in high quality, this may be a fluke on my part but it may also help you and if it does i wish you all the luck in the world


  • BigSwedeBigSwede Member Posts: 32

    Originally posted by gingus418
    Now if anybody has anything helpful, please post it! It is direly needed. Thanks.

    Your system specs are a bit low to handle the beast unfortunately.

    Maybe you can get a 5-6 fps improvement by making a copy of vgclient.ini in the ..Vanguardin

  • ThillianThillian Member UncommonPosts: 3,156

    Best what you can do is to turn off the audio in .ini file and change far clipping plane to minimum. And you can be able to play on higher texture settings a overally nicer graphics. But I don't know, integrated graphic cards are probably the minimum to start the game.


  • XantheousXantheous Member Posts: 121

    They are working on (and have been for some time now) upping performance for lower end cards. They are currenly redoing the skeletal working of the toons. What this means to you is, there are too many independent working bones in the current character format. By removing those bones it will allow the framrate and requirements of the game to be lower because you don't need as much to acually move around. Hope that makes sense   


  • gingus418gingus418 Member Posts: 128

    It does make I'm hoping that this works. I actually wonder how much of an impact the skeleton of the character has on my frame rate. Even if the FPS were to go up by around five I'd be happy. That means I'd have around 13-15 average FPS as opposed to 8 or 9, sometimes 10 when I'm lucky.


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