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Dev journal #18

outlaw101outlaw101 Member Posts: 351

Does anyone know when it will be arriving?

I believe it's bi-weekly or weekly, can't wait to read more!

"Don't hold breath about another KOTOR game coming from Bioware" - Chris Preistly

"Bioware is more intrested in pursueing development of it's own Intellectual properties"

- James Henly


  • aceizhereaceizhere Member Posts: 25

    next friday if thanksgiving doesnt delay it XD

  • Xris375Xris375 Member Posts: 1,005

    I don't think thanksgiving is a Greek hollyday. They may have american devs though that celebrates it though.  

    And when we got more women on the team, it was like ‘No, no, no. We need puppies and horses in there.’ ”
    John Smedley, SOE

  • daarcodaarco Member UncommonPosts: 4,275

    We get two updates every month, usually tuesday or friday.

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