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VengaVenga Member Posts: 5

Looking at maybe playing this game, but it depends on if there is PvP.  Is there PvP?  If so, how does it work?  FFA, zones, just specific servers, or duels only?


  • ilovemmropgilovemmropg Member Posts: 16

    Yes this game has PvP. There is a server where u can PvP like almost every where (Asura), and there are servers that u have to go to a specific place to PvP (Nirvana). The map where u go to do PvP is called Bloody Plain or something i dont really remember, and in that map there are entrance to a Cave that u can do PvP when ever u want (there are like 5 caves now, each cave i think is like an own map, but u have to get herbs to enter those caves). And soon there will b a new map where u can do PvP freely 2.

    Hope that helps

    P.S: sry for my bad English.

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