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Desgin Suggestions - From a Designer

First off, big fan of the site, been reading for years now.


Second - spend some time on the typography. Looking at your code, seems like you're running with a font size of .68em, with default line-height.

I'd recommend a font-size of at least .8em, with a line-height of maybe 1.2em. Whatever bumps it just a bit over default.

Also, consider making the width of your article pages narrower. Optimal line-length for reading is about 50 characters. It's better to have narrow columns and lots of scrolling, than a wide column that requires no scrolling. Check the New York Times website for a good example of web type, nice big fonts, and not too wide.

Keep up the good work!





  • skywisenightskywisenight Member UncommonPosts: 348

    Couldn't agree with you more!  I have actually addressed both of these issues already in a new theme I'm building for the site (which I'm hoping will take the role as default), but I haven't finished it, as it's not a top priority task on my list.

    The font size will be .8em and the line height will be 1.3em in when the new theme actually gets finished.

  • MidavegMidaveg Member Posts: 296

    so true so true. Cant agree more with OP. Nice suggestion!

    All canceled. Waiting on Warhammer Online : Age of Reckoning.

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