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RykerRyker Member UncommonPosts: 207
Are there any sniper rifles in this game. Just curious because I have always enjoyed sniping.


  • JurisJuris Member Posts: 11

    There are no sniper rifles in game. That does not mean that there are no snipers in game. Its your skill with a rifle that determines this. I know some GREAT snipers in this game.


  • manohunmanohun Member Posts: 158

    Yes there are many snipers.

    The french rifle is the best for long range sniping.

    The only Hungarian squad in WWII Online
    HUN HQ:

  • RykerRyker Member UncommonPosts: 207
    Thanks alot

  • QweetsQweets Member Posts: 145
    Yeah ive seen some great snipers and done some great sniping myself... with binoculars its alot easier to spot enemies far away.. if they are just sitting there you calculate how far they are and how far your bullet should drop and aim accordingly... its an awesome game.. deffinetly check it out.

    Can't have my WWIIOL Sig cause making love with sheep is against the rules =(


  • ScottmanScottman Member Posts: 62

    Yes there are no scopes in game at the moment but its never been the equipment that has made the sniper it his mindset and his methods.

    We use iron sights better than most use scopes

    I come from a squad that is considerd by most that play the game to be the top rifle squad in the game.

    Dr.Cairo is the original "sniper" and founder of Section II . Back in the day when everyone was mashing teeth with the tanks Dr.Cairo deceided he would make his mark not by cramming a tank down yer throat but instead using the grace of the rifle to lay the smack down.

    That was 3 years ago His squad has swelled to as many as 94 players all in a pursuit to become the best rifle squad ever seen and we done it all without a scope.

    Making shots that others can only dream of is the norm of this great squad causing confusion and mayham is the way of this group

    We do with the rifle many cant do with tanks ..........scare the living daylights outta once proud courageous men to the point they look for other places to go

    Come before thy rifle and be judged ........if you dare

    WWIIONLINE no scopes yet they are coming soon but we dont need them now

    Look us up if ya join the game name is Scottman pm me we will talk


  • SresSres Member Posts: 156

    Scottmans csr stats speak volumes about him and Section 2's ability.

    Kills : 763 Deaths : 215 kill death ratio : 3.55

    These stats are from this campaign which has been running a month and he has spent 200 missions playing for the french as well (although those stats are not as good image)

    - Nil Satis Nisi Optimum -

    Lt Col Sres - La Garde Imp

    Life can be tapped

  • PruittPruitt Member Posts: 179

    Oh yes, Section II is the real deal. They are part of the same Kampfgruppe I am in with my squad, the 1st Lithuanian Brigade "Iron Wolves". And I can definitely attest to their effectiveness. We generally provide the air, armor, AT and some inf, while SecII keeps the enemy occupied by killing them in droves. heh heh... It's pretty effective.  ;)


    Generallieutenant Pruitt, Retired GHC
    1st Lithuanian Brigade "Iron Wolves"

    Generallieutenant Pruitt, Retired GHC
    1st Lithuanian Brigade "Iron Wolves"

  • conanownsconanowns Member Posts: 114
    Just curious.....why no scopes? snipers used those in ww2

  • ScottmanScottman Member Posts: 62

    Originally posted by conanowns
    Just curious.....why no scopes? snipers used those in ww2

     They are being modeled we all wanted anti tank rifles first then mortors ..........then scopes

    The player base was polled about it ATR's will come first infact they are only days away

    Sres : My 14year old cousin is over for the weekend he loves playing allied I told him ok but you cant use my rifleman and try not to drive a heavy tank but it was ok too if he had too    ;)

    Thanks Pruitt and Sres for the kind words


  • kamelkamel Member Posts: 15

    Originally posted by conanowns
    Just curious.....why no scopes? snipers used those in ww2

    Just out of interest...  have you ever seen a WWII era rifle scope?

    Methinks you'd be disappointed if you were wanting a 10x magnification with infrared scanning and lead calculator...  image


    There's an interesting write up on some assorted WWII scopes at this page.


    Average of 4X power.

  • avongunnavongunn Member Posts: 8

    Yes. Scopes for the most part in WWII were not any better then the cheapones uyou can get nowadyas for a BB gun:)....


      Snipers were also not the norm in WWII... there were Thousands of rifleman in the war for ever "Sniper". It looks like when we get them they willbe a very rare and restricted unit(I hope).


     It's bad enough trying to move around as infantry with guys like Scottsman out there. Last thing I need is his kind with a scopeimage

  • DemariiDemarii Member Posts: 131

    No doubts there Avongunn, it would be a nightmare.

    Speaking of nightmares, I musta heard your named called several times this weekend on flight comms up north as killing this person or that. You guys been doing a heck of a job up there. Good fights! S!


  • avongunnavongunn Member Posts: 8
    Thnaks.. I had a very good set of runs last weekend.. about 65 A2A kills between Sat morning and Mon morning:)...  But as they say what goes around.... The rest of the week has suckedimage

  • FizblixFizblix Member UncommonPosts: 130

    Not sure what everyone is saying by skill for sniping... personally I was disapointed how easy it is to snipe someone without a scope useing the poor Ironsite.    Not trying to talk trash or flame... this is just my experience.

    I found it just as easy to hit someone the size of this period:  .    from hundreds of yards away    as it is to hit them from 50 feet away.     Moveing targets that were only a little black pixel or two  that I had to use the binocs just to see would drop like flies.     I wouldnt say I had to concentrate hard or even put much effort into it... half the time I would have a few too many beers in me.

    It seemed to me  that if  (  )  was the bullet path and hit area on someone 10 feet away  that all i had to do is aim at someone hundreds of yards away  and the bullet path was still about as big. 

    A slightly exagerated example:  ( .)      where . = the size of the target from the distance. and anything inside the (  )  would score a hit.  

    That is a big area to hit  when  your Ironsight is only like:  /'/    

    There isn't a real pinpoint accuracy at long range, and no wind factor makes it that much easier.    

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