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Recruiting: Leather & Lace Logistics

EideloneEidelone Member Posts: 6

A message from our recruitment officer.

Greetings fellow eve players!

I would like to inform you all that Leather and Lace Logistics, a part of the Giant Space Amoeba Alliance, has opened their doors to potential recruits. So, I'll get right down to it. We are a small corp looking to expand in the areas of Mining and PvP. We're a great bunch of people that are all mature, and willing to help you learn and play the game. The alliance we are in has no shortage of great people to chat with, mine, pvp, or do whatever you need to do. We would prefer experienced players, but will consider everyone who shows a genuine interest. So, without further ado...

What we're looking for:

-Players with an industrial and / or PvP background

-Players willing to participate in Alliance operations

-Players that can be self sufficient to an extent (we don't pay you)

-Preferably 10+ mil SP. However we will consider everyone including new players that have subscribed to the game (ie. over 14 days old)

-Players that are willing to use Ventrilo and Teamspeak

-Players in both EU and NA time zones

-Players willing to relocate to 0.0 space

-Players that are actually active more then 2 hours a week.

-Players that are mature, but still have a sense of humor

Now here's what we offer you

-Access to 0.0 space in Branch

-PvP out the wazoo. Both smaller gangs and fleet operations

-0.0 mining. Ice and Ore

-Knowledge. Everyone in our corp can help out, and if we don't know what you need to know I can bet someone in the alliance does!

-Fun! We are a great community that is here to have fun!

-Opportunity to advance in the corp and the alliance

-Kill board and alliance forums

You can respond here (I'll check this thread frequently) or you can convo me in game (Fallassar). You can also join our recruitment chat at LEAT-R and our public chat at LEAT-Public if you just want to meet us. Cool

For information on the alliance, look here:

Visit Radio Rivendell:

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