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How many people still play?

nightkasternightkaster Member Posts: 2

i am thinking about downloading it and getting into it, however i cant stand mmo's with empty feeling environments. about how many people per server are left? does it feel populated? thanks.


  • bigtroybigtroy Member UncommonPosts: 10

    Very populated from what I've seen.. I'm only 25 and throughout all my levels there are people fighting for mobs.

  • BinkoBinko Member Posts: 267

    I left after my Beta test. And came back today.

    The game is far far away from being empty. People at HQ, outiside.

    It's no ghost game, it's full of active people.

    And it's free!   And it look damn good!

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  • NinixNinix Member Posts: 190

    the game is filled with players 24/7.. where ever u go theres ppl.. no matter if ur accretian. cora or bellato.. theres always ppl online on all 3 servers.. tons of guilds etc.. so theres always some1 2 chat with and ppl 2 party with ;) so give it a shot... its worth it.. trust me


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