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Swedish WoW guild

ZeridoxZeridox Member Posts: 2

Hello, I will write this in English due respect towards others.

Im going to create an all swedish guild in World Of warcraft.

The guilds name is Nordic Alliance.

A short presentation of me, im 18 years old. Have many years of experiance of leadership in guilds. My first MMORPG was Anarchy Online where i almost directly became leader of a the guild Alliance of the stars.

The guild is at the moment idle, but will become very active when the beta comes to Europe.

We have a webserver just waiting for context to be put into.

Remember, we wont accept anyone.
You will have to be active (when the games start)
You will have to be mature.
And willing to make the guild a better place for the members.
We have about 50 places with almost 20 reserved for old members, and people which allready are interested.

If you have any questions or have interest in joining the guild when it becomes active.

write an email to [email protected]
or use IRC to visit us in #Nordic.Alliance @ quakenet

Thank you and I hope ill see you again in the world of warcraft-

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