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[Recruitment Open] Death's Legion Low Sec Pirate Corp

GundaharGundahar Member Posts: 25

Death's Legion is a Pirate corp based in the Aridia Region currently seeking out skilled players to join our ranks. Currently over 85 members strong, everyone with well over 10M sp . I would say at least half are over 20M sp. We are looking to make a Death's Legion presence know at all times in all time zones. Currently we have recruiters working in all time zones to make sure we acheive this goal.

We have a different way of thinking about runing a corp:

1) We dont do f__king politics, leave your trash at home.

2) Dont ask us to join your alliance, we only care about ourselves.

3) We dont bog you down with a bunch of rules, do what you want, you are a pirate arn't you?

4) We encourage as much destruction as possible, get us those killmails, post those hatemails, the more people that hate us the better job you are doing.

5) Less Blue = Happy Pirates

6) If you can be an ass, and can take a joke you will fit right in, if not please dont bother reading any further.

Goals (Long Term/Short):

1) Expanding our empire, currently we pushing locals out of a system near you!

2) Assimilating other pirate corps into our ranks

Tools we use:

1) Ventrillo; used on a daily basis. It is required that you atleast listen to Ventrillo. As a pirate is is critical that you know that the hell is going on at all times.

2) Killboard; Please add to the killboard, and add, and add, and... ok you get the point.

3) Forum; Want to tell us how much you love us? Please do so.


1) You have a character with 7 million Skill Points +. We dont care what your specialty is in, preferrably in combat but if you are a miner *throws up* and want to start being a killer more power to you. We dont discriminate. But you must show aptitude in the game mechanics.

2) You are not a girly man, If you get offended by things easily you probably wont want to listen to us on Ventrillo. If you are a hot chick, then I will stop playing EvE and lets get it on.

These messages brought to you by your local friendly pirate corp, Please contact Panzerella, Phoenix or myself. For more information or join ingame channel: Legion Rec

Looking to merge your pirate corp into ours? Contact us, we will gladly eat you!

Open recruitment will be ending soon! Dont miss out on joining a very experienced and established corportation! Come join us in Aridia, screw alliance mandatory ops and pos refueling and come PVP in low sec!

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