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Links opening in a new window.

TofkeTofke Member UncommonPosts: 342

When linking can't it be set to default to open into a new window? Since most people don't know or just don't want to add that feature onto their link.

True I wont die from it but dang it's quite irritating at times :p

(adjusted title so it sounds less whiny :p)


  • TaeraTaera Community ManagerMember CommonPosts: 1,078

    I'm not sure I understand your question!

    Laura "Taera" Genender
    Community Manager

  • TofkeTofke Member UncommonPosts: 342

    opens up in the same window if you click this link:

    while this one opens up  in a new window:

    So my suggestion would be: can you make it so that every link that's created work with a target: _blank

  • TaeraTaera Community ManagerMember CommonPosts: 1,078

    If you want to open links in a new window, you can right click the link and select "Open in New Window"; if we default to _blank, there's no way to tell it to "Open in Same Window".  I rather give y'all the choice :)

    Laura "Taera" Genender
    Community Manager

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