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this game actually seems intresting.

zanfirezanfire Member UncommonPosts: 951

so is this in beta? can we play it? whats the deal w// this game, i like the funky look kinda and the good verity of classes, might check it out if possible


  • nekrothingnekrothing Member Posts: 302
    Originally posted by zanfire

    so is this in beta? can we play it? whats the deal w// this game, i like the funky look kinda and the good verity of classes, might check it out if possible

    The game is currently hosted on a European server, is in closed beta and can only be played by those who obtained a closed beta key either from here or from some other website. Aeria is currently accepting applications into the U.S. closed beta for the game but has yet to announce when it will launch.

  • NotaBadgerNotaBadger Member UncommonPosts: 2

    Yes, dream of mirror online i'd say is actually very interesting since it has the cute graphics i really like and the multi-classing (like borrowing skills from different jobs) collection skills, flying, a fate system, and an actual storyline!

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  • GalactaLlamaGalactaLlama Member UncommonPosts: 42

    Actually, Aeria has announced the launch date for the closed beta (Which will have more features than the EU CB I might add) November 12.


  • SwiveresSwiveres Member Posts: 2



  • Xbuster231Xbuster231 Member Posts: 39

    Even though it seems more community based than other mmo's, the variety in the combat is much greater also, because you got alot more classes than in most of the asian mmo's and also the ability combined jobs like in FF11, like a monk/soldier or mercenary/doctor, but its actually alot better in this game because you have alot more skills you can use effectively, like a monk with the soldier line can use any of the skills of the soldier he wants to aslong as he puts a few points into sword mastery, in FF11 you pretty much just has a few buffs from the other class you could use and thats it

    Also i THINK you can even do 3 jobs at once, like a monk/soldier/thief, at higher lvl

  • VladenVladen Member Posts: 2

    you won't be able to have multiple jobs in the aeriagames version (not in closed beta testing anyway) but that doesn't matter as you can always change.


    anyways, this game will ROCK YOUR... erm... socks...?

  • KingscruffyKingscruffy Member Posts: 1

    What? Where are you getting that from? 

    It's not that you have multiple jobs, it's that you can take a skill set (Each job has a few different skill sets.  Generally two active and one passive) and "equip" it on to one of your other jobs.

  • CaladonCaladon Member Posts: 152

    I have been curious for a while. Who is this "Mirror" guy?


  • KyoichiKyoichi Member Posts: 23

    Hmm this game kinda looks similliar  with Scion of Fate

    Hmm kinda cute hehehe

  • SasukeuzamakSasukeuzamak Member Posts: 3

    Ive been trying to get into this game since like yesterday but so far no luck. For the first time I seem to find a game that has that Zelda:WindWaker kind of look to it. To tell you the truth I might end up liking this game. I just wish I could play it to find out.

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